Suggestion for Reworking Boosters in War Thunder

Current Issues:

  1. Expiry Time: Boosters expire after about 2 days, forcing players to use them quickly.
  2. Match Outcomes: Rare boosters, like the 500% ones, often result in poor, unprofitable matches, making them feel wasted.
  3. Activation Uncertainty: Activating boosters before a match is too much of a gamble due to unpredictable match outcomes.

Proposed Changes:

  1. Remove Expiry Time:
  • Boosters should not expire, allowing players to use them at their convenience without feeling rushed.
  1. Post-Match Activation:
  • Allow single-use boosters (e.g., 500% boost for one match) to be applied after a match. This ensures players can use boosters on matches with good outcomes, reducing the risk of wasting them.
  1. Economy Integration:
  • Offer booster bundles in the digital store for real money, such as 3x 500% SL Boosters for a set price. This can create an additional revenue stream while giving players more control over their in-game earnings.

Additional Ideas:

  1. Tiered Boosters:
  • Introduce tiered boosters that can be earned through gameplay milestones or purchased, such as:
    • 100% boost for 3 matches
    • 200% boost for 2 matches
    • 500% boost for 1 match
  1. Loyalty Rewards:
  • Implement a loyalty program where players earn booster points based on playtime or achievements, which can be redeemed for boosters of their choice.
  1. Dynamic Boosters:
  • Create dynamic boosters that adjust their percentage based on match performance, ensuring players always receive some benefit.

By implementing these changes, the booster system would become more user-friendly and rewarding, reducing the frustration of wasted boosters and enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Integration into the Store:

  • Selling booster bundles in the store not only helps players have better control over their usage but also provides Gaijin with additional monetization options. Balancing booster availability through gameplay and purchase ensures fairness and accessibility for all players.

These adjustments would make boosters a more strategic and enjoyable part of War Thunder.


They’re great, logical ideas that would positively benefit the player base.

Which is precisely why they will never, ever happen.



This is the reply.

Activation after match simply wouldn’t work. It’d make the calculation to play better, negated. You’d literally only use them on the best match you could have had, rather than actually trying in the matches or planning to have a full squad.

What I’d like to see happen more, is more team distributed boosters, so that the teams could all have some activated, and everyone would gain some. Even make those stack, rather than like when you activate 3-4, you lose a percentage.

Even a squad distributed set would be something.

It isn’t really about how well you play though. I just put on a 200% booster. Between 10 players on our team, they LITERALLY got one kill. I got 2nd on the team and only two of us got over 1000 points.

That’s not really anything that will impact the booster though, aside from the win.

I’d definitely pay a buck for a 3x 500% bundle, but only if applicable after a battle. No way am I paying for a booster that’s only boosting my bad battles.

Also a x2 booster for RP and SL for first daily win for branch in every nation is a must, and will definitely encourage more varied gameplay that’ll fill up more tiers.


Maybe you are special in some way, but I doubt the average player thinks “In this match I want to totally suck. Maybe I’ll want a good match in 4 matches.”

A good match = good performance = enjoyment.

What usually happens is players are stressed to make the most of this booster, and eventually mess up somehow because they’re no longer thinking straight - rationally and calm.
They could for example get greedy and reach for a kill while driving over the hill - which results in them dying much more quickly.
Or alternatively play so carefully that they don’t get any score.

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I’ve put a similar idea into the Suggestion Thread but that one never saw the light of the day.
They are great ideas (and thus are already used in the other game) but i doubt we will ever see the same here.

I really like these ideas! They’re really good and many people would love them. Theye’d help the players out so much. And they’re never going to happen!

Have a good one! ;)

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Dude, every time people mention that they’re facing something, or having something happen because of something, they are sowing seeds of self doubt and making ‘reasons’ for a problem…

Like, how blind are you to this sort of thing.

It’s not as if you find coaches telling thier teams mid match that things are dire, and pointless, but in this game, it’s common and regular.

Or just don’t want to die at all, that they leave the team to fail for them.

Holy Schnitzel everyone, I am currently at a Kirmes in Lower Frankonia (Bavaria) and saw that my russian Version got accepted in the Russian suggestion section

My first official suggestion, hooray!