Suggestion for planes in GRB

I always see people complaining about CAS in ground battles, but they never come with suggestions. So this thread is for discussion about ways to balance CAS in GRB.

My suggestion:
CAS players often check spawn immediatly when they spawn by marking the spawn on the minimap, So to make finding spawn/SPAA easier we could hide the map when playing planes.

When there are a lot of enemy CAS up going for a capture point is suicide, so i say we could remove the point markers when playing a plane, so it is a bit safer to go for a capture point late in the game.

Please reply with your opinions as i would be happy to see what the community thinks about this.

(English is not my first language so I apoligize for any spelling/grammatical errors)

Who chekcs the spawns? Like for real. First they are fixed so finding them is easy, secondly going for the caps is much better as you will generally find more enemies.

This is a better idea, but you need to leave the markings on the ground

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When i play toptier CAS i always mark the spawn to find any pantsir/ItO/ADATS. and target them first, marking the spawn via the map makes it easier to point the targeting pod towards the spawn.

Well, I enjoy CAS was too much but what I can defo say that the AA players lack the brains to move to a covered position and literally ambush the planes. And that’s literally what I do in my AA. So I suppose it’s more a player issue, people just think that spawning AA will magically solve all of their issues and make a safe bubble.
Getting CASd while on cap is an issue I guess, cover does still exist but I guess there’s sometimes not enough of it, caps on Poland and 38th come to mind for example. So something can defi be worked on there.


That’s just bad SPAA players not moving from spawn before shooting and making themselves known.

I find the same with tanks shooting at planes, they only mark where they and others are on the map, rather than defending themselves.


The message that someone is capturing a point should be removed from the game. In my opinion only message we should get is: “your/enemy team has secured cap X” while also doing the same for visual markers under ticket bar as well.
This would make late game rushes with fast, gremlin vehicles much more viable than it is at the moment and also, it would stop the CAS spam while decapping.

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A lot of things can be done:

Airfield spawn or spawning planes further away to delay time to AO to prevent/reduce revenge bombing, it’s stupid you can fight in tanks over a capture zone, kill a tank and they’ll be back to bomb you before you can even capture the zone.

AA protection for ground forces… as ground operations would be supported by AA, we can easily have some basic AA deployed that is effective at lower altitudes to prevent planes just hovering over the battlefield.

No markers for planes, just friendly tanks at best, they are not on the ground, they don’t have the intel, they shouldn’t get a marker for an enemy tank because a friendly tank shot it with an MG, and as mentioned they could also hide the capture zones when in a plane as planes are just drawn to it like a moth to a flame, it’s impossible to capture a zone when a plane is overhead with bombs.

SPAA should get the ability to scout planes, which adds a lot of value to SPAA and improves their effectiveness to track a target and inform the team where a plane is at so they do not have to look for it.
Also increases rewards for SPAA, which are a joke as it is, by giving them assists for a scouted target being damaged or destroyed, so novice SPAA users can still earn something even if they struggle to hit a target, as the SPAA learning curve is very high.


That’s just bad SPAA players not moving from spawn before shooting and making themselves known.

bad take, tbh

what am I going to do in an AA vehicle with 50 cals, or a 20mm gun if I’m outside spawn? I can’t even damage many enemies from the side.

Think about how bad the current spawncamping problem is; you think I can just “leave” spawn at any time? No, I’ll get sniped in my very thinly armored vehicle.


Nah, it’s not a bad take as I see this mistake play out a LOT…

People spam MGs at planes with absolutely no hope of getting a kill, and all they are doing is highlighting to the planes where they and others are sitting.

You should at least move out to the edges of spawn to make yourself not as much of a beacon as a threat to those who you are supposed to be warding off…

You can just move off spawn because the plane is your threat, not the spawncamping. Your spawncamping is a whataboutism and a mere sign that you were losing in other ways.


and then you die to a puma spawncamping

trust me man I’ve had toooo much time playing SPAAs to know that the current CAS problem at low BRs isn’t solvable with SPAA alone.


Spawncamping isn’t the issue, it’s just a whataboutism which you rely on to dismiss any effort.

Stop relying on your crutches, you can walk.

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“um skill issue bro, just get goo-”


you can be quiet now


Nah, I’m fine.

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then don’t come at me like a sweaty virgin giving me that “sKiLl iSsuE” crap


Sure they do. Add a ground only mode. Pretty simple. If CAS is super fun and deeeefffinitely needed to get snipers out of position, etc., then nobody will want to play ground-only mode, right? So nothing for CAS-ers to worry about!

The simplest and most obvious immediate improvement though would be to remove the ability for pilots to cast literal magical spells that allow them to divine the fates of dead spirits to find out where they were killed from (also known as “kill cam”). Allow people to view kill cams after the end of the match if you want to learn your weak spots etc. but not during.

Actual wizard spells are a bit out of place, to say the least, in a tank game, not Dungeons and Dragons, and in a mode called “Realistic Battles” on top of that.


That’s not a nice thing to say especially considering all you had to give was a whataboutism jab.

Where’d those stats even come from? Your own?

Those are rookie numbers pal… Gotta pump those numbers up…


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Two ideas that I’ve thought of was

  1. no air spawn (buff airfield AA)
  2. make bombs and missiles more expensive

I call for targets for air strikes, even calling for people to scout more, and all I get are pings where single tanks are.

End up finding myself a good pack of tanks.

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hurrdurr so fhunny…

I’ve got more spawns than missions, and my win ratio isn’t as high as yours… It’d only matter if I gave a toss about them, for the sake of saving my team from being pummeled by planes.

Also, I don’t have a negative kill ratio, as you’ve neglected that there’s also ground kills on that unit as well.

Maybe you should do some maths or something because you really aren’t that crash hot on counting, let alone making an actual argument to counter the comments.

You’ve got nothing but rage, and it’s very misguided.