Suggestion and Feedback for Naval Enduring Confrontation

Gaijin should up gain as like before. They should add +50% rewards


Imho it’s the funniest game mode, at least for a naval and plane lovers.

I didn’t have the skills for writing such good guide, but it will be very interesting to expand adding plane objectives ( air superiority, bombing base and airfield, cas operations, capture points …;) and how to perform them.

It’s a pity for the (sometimes) infinite queue time… But I love it so much… I can wait 😃

Thank you @Bombe18 for the effort 👍


I hope that admin will pin this topic and make it official !

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To be honest, it’s not the first time I think what I can do ( as a player) for giving naval EC more interest in the whole community.

You’ve clearly made a step in this direction.

Let’s keep this thread alive and create some interest on it, maybe someone will join us…

See ya!!



I’d like to share something linked with enduring confrontation.
It a vote to bring carriers playable

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Scoring in enduring confrontation should count in event


I tried it once and the torpedo rearmament only worked near the shore where capture points were located. Just like in RB where you can rearm near point located in the convoy area.

What day it was ? Cause in ARB it rearm in middle of nowhere.
Or maybe they deleted it?

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Played EC simplified this weekend, I can confirm the reload of torpedo even in the middle of the sea.

Reloading shells and missiles is possible only in friendly bases

I absolutely agree with starting it sooner, at this point me and a friend have been sitting and waiting for 45min. Mind you all, there have been between 10-14 for the past 30min. EC needs to start at 8 and add people as well as allowing inviting people to running battles.

Inviting players into the match could be a thing.
Then as said above, there should be a lobby as like plane simulator

I wish they would make Arcade Enduring Confrontation, like full Arcade mode. I have tried and it is to much like Realistic Battles even with simplified mode EC. Give EC arcade aiming and I would play nothing but it! Without it, its just not for me :(. Just my 2 cents.

Oh, huh, I had no idea that it was fixed to 4.7-5.0. I was waiting for it to rotate to 5.0-6.0 or something and thought that I always missed my timing and continue for the next rotation. Good to know that isn’t the case!

There is no rotation of BR as the minimum BR to join is 4.7-5.0. And if you got more, you can take them.

As I learned now, yeah. A slight hiccup when I tend to fill my lineup with like-BR vehicles and I currently have to grind out all my 6.0 line though…

We know the problem sadly …
I dont know why they limited BR to 3.3 as allowed vehicle. Some good coastal are bellow

I enjoy Naval EC but there are a few things that need to change and if they did the interest in the mode would go out the roof. Make it so the lobbies would start with 8 players as mentioned before. However currently you need to gain points to get a better vessel or plane and that is what absolutely ruins this mode! This idea should be abandoned completely and just do it like Air Sim and charge X amount of SL for the higher vehicles. This would eliminate the biggest problem with Naval EC and that is that you have about 5 minutes before the the first BB’s and Heavy Cruisers spawn in. Once these guys hit the map anyone in a 5.0 destroyer is screwed and that continues on for the rest of the game. So easy fix is make it so everyone is on the same playing field at all times. Or they need to just go ahead and implement submarines at 4.3/5.0 and that would also correct the BB problems really quickly. I vote for both 😉


What Naval Enduring confrontation badly need: way more rp and sl. At this time, its simple: not woth it to play. If it would be such as in air sim (enduring conf), player gain rp and sl with time (of course with activity!) that would be great!

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