Suggestion : An option to disable uptiering?

…or play Air Sim EC where you can select the matches you like.


Correction: This is a discussion, not a suggestion thread and even if it was it wouldn’t have been approved.

60 people online devs say that +/-0.7 will cause long queues
80k people online devs claim…
140k people online devs claim…
180k people online devs claim…
220k people online devs claim…

The fundamental question is how many millions or billions of people do developers need to finally narrow the gap and make the game more equal?

Make BR steps 0.2 and BR spread 0.8 then. Also, make Reserve units BR 0.7 (or BR 0.8 with my proposed system). New players need their sandbox, so they don’t get discouraged and quit, as “the game is too hard.” Let them enjoy it for a while without BR 2.0 planes with cannons spoiling their fun.

With the new top BR WWII ships coming in this year, everything is skewed and they will get bombed by jets and the ships are still very compressed as it is. With the 0.2 BR steps, you can keep the current ships at BR 7.0 and still decompress the whole thing. Doesn’t make any sense, if they keep it as it is and have BR 8.0 ships. You will get gaijined when your battleship gets bombed by Tu-4 (prop), IL-28, Tu-14T, B57, etc. B-29 (prop) already sits at BR 7.0.
Test trial it in Naval, then go from there.

this is… Terrible advice… 70% of games are uptiers… and at least 50% of them are full up tiers… if not more. “uptier thunder” is a meme/thing for a reason. So suggesting people leave them is… asinine.

The real, accurate and Good advice is telling them to either get used to playing (full) up tiers, or to play a different game.