Suggestion : An option to disable uptiering?

0.7 is mathematically identical to “regular decompression” and takes no more or less time.

0.7 is changing one value in a config file.

“Regular decompression” is just multiplying every single BR by 16.3/12.3 (or whatever the exact number is that is the inverse of 0.7 and 1.0, I don’t remember), in one column of an excel spreadsheet, also takes 20 seconds.

this also seems counterproductive, I was referring to vehicles that are worse at their BRs than counterparts

Yes, if you’re worse than your counterparts (in performance i.e. actual win rates and KD, which the Ariete is not due to more skilled drivers), then you go down in BR. So anything that relied on uptiers/downtiers existing, and goes down in performance afterward, will go down in BR and it will even out. Not an issue long term.


fair enough, however moving the BR matchmaker to +/- 0 just would not work, maybe if WT had the player base of Triple A titles like COD or Battlefield but it just doesn’t and said player base is then spread across 6 (8 if you count Sim and 9 if you count Heli EC) modes in which most players may never play more than one or two modes regularly

I agree, I think 0.7 is the sweet spot

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Imo the only downside is that 0.7 is just a bit ugly and doesn’t look as nice as +/- 1

Then do the equivalent other method, but you do end up in that case with like “BR 12.317” though, I guess

So what you are saying is the only games we would have would be against equal vehicles in a fair fight. Wow what a concept

± 0,3 Br that would be the perfect range. Either you get an uptier or downtier and the differences between the tanks are not that strong as it is right now with the range of Br 1.0.
I bet that the majority will enjoy this more than the current mode.
The argument about the queue times is very weak cause the matchmaker right now chooses a base BR and let only a specific amount of higher tanks join.

There will be gaps for all nations were you got no “perfect” line up. But this problem exists in the current state aswell, for example in the SPAA lines.

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The 0.7 is an absurdity,… all we need is the current BR range (1.0 to 12.3) to be resetted on 1.0 to 15.0 BR

No,… that would be the perfect end of this game.
I can tolerate the 0.7 proposal, but the 0.3 is too much

answer no, other wise enjoy a genuine 9 hours. I’ve experienced 3 or 6 before for a GRB match it wasn’t fun. I forgot about the game when it happened.

Reducing the spread to 0,7 BR or increasing the maximum Battle Rating is the same thing.

Please explain, why should it be the end of the this game, i am curious to hear your arguments.

No, its a player’s skill issue if can’t kill tanks 1br Higher than you when it’s still capable of doing so very effectively. Just have to learn to play smarter and play with strategy, not just driving forward and hoping they miss you or hope to bounce shells and shoot back for a kill.

BR compression and stock vehicles make that way harder than it should be. Tanks shouldn’t be almost completely outclassed in an uptier.

I agree that suggestion is dumb, but there are way better ways to approach and solve the issue that isn’t “git gud”.

Wargaming did actually implement something kinda like what your suggesting for WoT’s version of uptiering a few years back. Basically sold players the option by releasing a bunch of premium tanks which had “preferential matchmaking”. Anytime you played one of them you would only get (in WT terms) +0.5/-0.5 BR instead of the usual +1.0/-1.0 BR.

Not a terrible ideaI guess but eventually the idea was abandoned and no more pref tanks released because it caused havoc with the MM and queue times especially in BRs with lots of these tanks.

The pref premiums which had been sold still exist but got power crept beyond saving because those tanks got excluded from balancing over the years due to their “advantage”.

And anyways it never made stock grinds or top tier MM any less painful from what I remember, I’m sure a few others here probably played WoT back then too.

Terrible argument. There is nothing stopping the enemy from also “playing smarter” just with a better vehicle.

I can tolerate the up tier until about 6-7 BR then the WW2 tanks look stupid vs 80s APCs and fail in a fast moving ATGM world.

You all know that Disabling Uptiering, is also disabling downtiering right?

Let’s say, you at 5.7 enabled the option.

The guys at 4.7/5.0/5.3 also disabled the option.

→ who is left to fight you or with you?
Not many,… so enjoy your queue time.

Nah, considering that this question pops up with almost the same regularity as no-CAS threads, I think a few people still don’t quite understand the implications or mathematical reasons for why uptiers happen… ;-)


My way to not get uptiers is playing top tier :)

But there is something wrong. Most cases whatever tier I play got 0.7 -1.0 uptiers for 80% time or so.

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I have no problem if the Matchmaker tells me that I’m being added to a 10.3 game when I have a 9.7 lineup…but at least then allow me to use my 10.3 vehicles in the match, so I can play without a disadvantage!