Suggestion : An option to disable uptiering?

Would you guys like to see an option to remove uptiering from your games to sacrifice matchmaking search time?


No, for one simple reason.

If there is an option to disable uptiering i can guarantee almost everyone who knows of it will have it active, hence making it not only impossible to face stronger targets, but impossible to face weaker targets due to the lower tiered player’s also not allowing uptiers.

This would then cause serious problems to vehicles that dont perform well at their BRs and also would make it genuinely impossible to play some nations lineups at certain BRs.



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It would be cool, but @lxtav is right on all

No thank you.

Need to increase the top tier BR to 15.0 and then decompression.
Maybe a -0.7/+0.7 matchmaking.
BUT “An option to disable uptiering” is just a dumb idea !


How unthinked is that suggestion, from OP in first place.

If nobody have uptier by enabling that option, then:
→ Nobody gets downtier to play (since nobody will come to make your match enjoyable)

→ queues times will be enlarged by hours/days maybe in some BR (not every nations does have a vehicule for each BR and the number of people required is not changing from that option)

In such i agree with all others people who posted before me,… → this idea should not be implemented

Increasing current range of aircrafts from 12.3 to 15.0 is the most reliable ways to ensure more balance

Just quit every uptier.


I’m sorry that I forgot to include this was for Ground RB not planes

It’s doesn’t change anything. Still a stupid idea !

That doesn’t change anything,… it’s the same shit all over the place,… there is still nations in GRB with BR not filled.

Learn to play against tanks you face in uptier and you dont need to come up with cope like this.

It wouldn’t “cause serious problems to some vehicles” because they’d simply move down in BRs if so, shortly after this was implemented.

The sole drawbacks are:

  • Queue times

  • Boringly low amount of variety if you narrow the window too much

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OP: They’re never going to make it +/- 0 BR. You should put your energy into trying to convince them to make it +/- 0.7 BR, as a more realistic goal.

And in the meantime, just whenever you get an uptier, go back to hangar if you don’t have fun in uptiers. Simple. Just don’t play anything you don’t find fun, life’s too short for that noise.


Well, if not 27 minutes like in “boats” then of course.

I don’t know if the game already does this or not, but a little extra % of reward based on the BR of the enemy vehicle you killed? If its same BR or less, you just get normal reward, but +0.3 = +10%, +0.7 = +15%, +1.0 = +20% for example

In my opinion a lot of problems stem from them not using mixed nation battles. They should make changes to the matchmaker and vary team compositions more so that everyone gets closer to a 50:50 ratio of uptiers and downtiers. It would also make the game easier to balance if the matchmaker did mixed battles of everyone vs everyone in terms of nations. In theory, both teams will end up with the same number of strong players and/or one-death-leavers, and matches should be fairer. I would prefer that over having “historical” nations vs nations.

You do indeed already get more reward for killing higher BR things.

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my other point still stands, some nations Line-ups at uncommon BRs would be largely impossible to play at due a lack of players at exact BRs, whilst I am completely open to narrowing the BR brackets slightly to 0.7, a better option is just regular decompression which is happening, just slowly (its just very time consuming to decompress every vehicle even at a single rank).

this also seems counterproductive, I was referring to vehicles that are worse at their BRs than counterparts, some examples would be something like the Ariete which is worse than every other tank at top tier, the Ratel 20 which can struggle at 6.7 due to the amount of heavy tanks that take 2-3 Milan’s to kill (whilst in an up tier some tanks only take 1 or can be taken out with the 20mm) but would absolutely slap hard if put any lower, and the Jaguar GR.1 that struggles at 9.7 due to no flares but going any lower would put it against flareless Korean war fighters

No, although I would be all for having an option to reduce the BR matchmaking spread from 1.0 to 0.7 at the cost of matchmaking times.

The one downside I can see is that this would also increase matchmaking times a small extent for people that don’t have this enabled.

To be fair I wouldn’t be completely opposed to it being 0.7 by default instead of the 1.0 we currently have. I don’t remember the last time I have sat for any significant amount of time in the GRB queue and this is even with only one of the server regions selected.