Suddenly facing super-planes

I have an 8.3 German lineup. My high-end aircraft is the F-84F with a 262 as my secondary. I have been playing this lineup for months.

For the last two days I have been constantly facing supersonic aircraft firing missiles. I have never faced a supersonic plane before, nor AAMs. My first was when I was shot down by a F-100, and in my last mission, an F-104.

Looking at the thread on BR changes, I do not see any of these aircraft being lowered.

Am I missing something?

Your perception changed, the game didn’t.

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I’ve played perhaps 2500 missions with this lineup, and never faced either of these aircraft before, and now twice in two days?

That’s definitely not happening. Are you in ground lol?

That’s over 1.0 BR different which is beyond the uptiers values

I think I saw the ME and not the other plane mentioned. Definitely within a BR of the others mentioned.

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F-84F is 8.3, F-104 and F-100 are both 9.3 with air to air missiles. You were basically uptiered to a 9.3 battle. Even at 8.7 the US has A-4 jets with air to air missiles.

AIM 9Bs are extremely easy to dodge and can only hit you if you remain in a straight line. Same with even getting a lock on you, only if you’re directly in front of the plane.


There are even planes AT 8.3 with AAMs, the F9F-8 Panther has four AIM-9Bs at 8.3.

F104A is supersonic and has been 9.3 for ages now, so you’ll see that in a full uptier

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