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I would also like to suggest JDS Oyashio (SS-511), the very first indigenous post-war sub Japan developed, using technology/designs from the I-201/Sentaka-class as well as American equipment.

Lessons learned from operating JDS Kuroshio (SS-501)/Ex-USS Mingo led to development of the sole example of her class. These then led to further development of more sub classes, ensuring the future of Japanese sub development.

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I’ll update the chart accordingly ;)

Damn nice work !

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thanks !

I had some fun making it, and it’s rainy anyway ^^’

Learnt a thing or two about subs in the process (i had no idea there were so many WW1 and interwar classes for example). Glad you enjoyed it !

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Are the 3 column “random” or they define a type of subs ?

Because with the ending sub i guess the left line end with SSBN, another column would be attack sub, but the 3rd?

I tried to separate them by weight.

The heavier tend to be in the center column, mediums on the right one, and lightest on the left one.

You can see it a lot on japanese tree for example : Aircraft carrying subs are in the middle.
It’s also the case on the french tree : 1500T class in the middle, followed by Surcouf.
Same logic applies for USSR : SSBN middle, SSN left, AND SSGN right.

However, some trees (german one in particular) are filled with low tonnage to medium tonnage subs, so I had to spread them on the 3 columns in a more random manner. You could also argue that the difference between the left and right line is sometimes quite thin.

I’m sure the Suffren class is the heaviest, but it is on the left side, same for UK and US SSBN i think, should go in center in your logic ?

Also if i can suggest: the Mariotte submarine (service in 1913) wich was quite speedy underwater with it’s original shape (26 km/h surface, 20.3 km/h underwater)


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Looks funny, i love it, I’ll update the chart

Are we talking about the modern Suffren ? It is around 5000T and is an attack nuclear sub. The heaviest is the Triomphant at around 14000T.
As for the UK and US SSBNs i think i did put them at the center ? maybe i misunderstood something.

What’s a bit illogical is that i put the heaviest at the center, what i could do is arrange the lines more gradually (lightests subs on the left, middle weight in the middle, and heaviest on the right)

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Astute class and Virginia on the left column.

And yeah mybad for the Suffren, dunno why in my head i was thinking about the Triomphant class ^^’

I think the Triomphant class should be on the last rank too ?

Astute is a 7000T SSN as far as i know, much lighter than its Vanguard SSBN counterpart (around 15000T)
Same goes for Virginia SSN (around 7000T) and Ohio SSBN (around 17000T)

(Those SSN and SSBN naming conventions can be quite confusing ^^')

Seing as it got put into service from 1997 to 2010 i think there is quite a gap from the first Suffren (put in service in 2020 if i recall correctly). Also it avoids a gap in the tier VII for the SSBN line.

I saved the spot in tier VIII for SNLE 3G, which is starting construction as we speak :P

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I actually said a lot of crap because I figured in my head than the background image was the last sub listed XD


ha sry if it got you confused XD

Tried to take an iconic modern subs for each tree, but i have to say i’m quite SSBN biased

EDIT : added the Mariotte at rank I, left line, as well as Oyashio in the japanese tree


SSBN’s look really cool no wonder you are biased.

I really like the cold war subs of the soviets and of course the US ones look amazing as well for example the skipjack class.


yeah the shipjack looks like a sub designed in the soviet union. I though i was in the wrong tree when i was researching it X)

Soviet subs do look nice (and they can go fast), except for the Delta, idk why, i don’t like that one (maybe because of the slope amid ships)

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I really hope that we get premium subs this December similar to the first naval beta we got. And then next year we get more and more submarines. And of course asw assets (aircraft,ships,helicopters and mechanics).

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I wish the same. Unfortunately it’s highly unlikely. Gszaby told me earlier the models used for the event were from WT Mobile apparently.
Also the schedule would be too tight : testing subs balancing with the event, gathering data and feedbacks and deciding to implement them takes time. It’s highly unlikely they would have the time to include submarines in the October => December “sprint”.
I’d love to be wrong though


Sadly I think your theory is true.

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There is big chance that something coming in WT mobile end in WT, same way WT and Enlisted share things. so i keep some hope, but yeah doubt it’s for the next update.

What give me hope is the French crew submarine voices we found in the files some times before the French navy was confirmed. I like to think it’s “at least” mean that it’s in the plans


Whats cool with subs is every nation for the most part has things to offer


Funny, I thought about that one too. A unique design, for sure. In the end, French submarines certainly wouldn’t be the shabbiest tree out there.

And if there’s anything to be learned from the event, it’s that mines can be really deadly. Which makes me really excited for the old 1940 Ruby and its 32 mines.