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I played the Submarine Event WT had last year and while it was fun in a few matches i played a major problem quickly arises with how Naval in it’s entirety is built

Naval Arcade and Realistic. match time 25min, spawn about 10-15km apart and your sub does about 15km/h and about double on the surface if you wanna get clapped by ships focus firing on your torpedo spamming bote.

Naval EC. Unless the convoy gives nearby spawns or the enemy team is rushing one of your cap points happen. Enjoy boating 30-40km to reach the enemy caps which will take about 1-3hours or roughly a big chunk of the EC timer

So while i wouldn’t be against them, They would be too situational to fit in anywhere in Naval and if they give subs the same oxygen meter as in WT mobile, around 90seconds before you are forced to surface or the same in WoW. You would be more useless than someone bringing the FCM.36 to 11.7

You’re correct. It’s pretty obvious that if they decide to add submarines, they would have to do something about it… creating a special game-mode like helicopter EC for example. In any case, it doesn’t really fit the current naval system, for sure. As you rightly put it, if they were to add it raw in naval battles, some people would buy whatever premiums they got on hand, realize it’s absolute trash and then nobody would ever play it anymore. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, and they actually put in some effort… Though, I wouldn’t underestimate the ability of Gaijin (or any video game company, tbh) to choose the worth possible outcome.

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We have plenty of very slow boats in the game, and they don’t even have the advantage of hiding themselves from view. Subs would also most likely spawn with coastals, or at most destroyers, further helping with that issue. Speed is a non-issue.

I have no idea why you’d expect something as game-y as a ninety second dive time. The only thing they fudged during the test mode was limiting crush depth, but that was simply to force players to actually interact for testing; the sub had its correct crush depth on the stat card.

Subs (plus the tested sonar, etc) can just drop straight into the current mode and would be fine.

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USA: gato class
JAPAN: type 3
UK: U-class
RUSSIA: Shchuka-class

That submarine is not the same as the event one, it may be that they are close to adding that class of ship or simply put another event with different options of submarines from the same nation

France : Redoutable class, as the main one i think.

77 subs in 1939, they better not leave us with nothing if they add subs.


And don’t forget this beauty !



Haven’t spent a lot of time on the new forums but quite happy to see this topic make the jump.

I’m a big submarine fan and I’m eagerly awaiting their addition to the game. Despite what the naysayers claim, I think that adding submarines could potentially help Naval balance, since it’ll make destroyers/frigates/subchasers more relevant in the higher tiers.

I was actually working on a script for a video about this, but work got in the way of me finishing.


Sorry to double post, I wanted to include this sentiment in the previous post but I was short on time.

After reading through the entire thread, I see that there are still quite a few naysayers, as there were on the original forum topic. If submarines aren’t your thing, I get it. But it’s important to have a conversation about what submarine implementation could be like to help build community consensus. If we don’t have an idea as a community about what we want for the game, then we have no unified voice to communicate to Gaijin what we want effectively. That’s why discussing it is important, and why I find comments along the lines of “terrible idea don’t add” so useless when it’s obvious that Gaijin will add them at some point.

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What we want is for the most realistic submarines to be added, apart from fixing the naval mode once and for all

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What do you mean by that?

What are unrealistic sub ?

I’m going to assume they mean The Other Game’s style of implementation, giving them characteristics that were not accurate to the vessels in order to make them competitive, which accidentally made them too powerful.

To me, a “realistic” (that is, as realistic as War Thunder is willing to be) implementation would be unlikely to make submarines overpowered. WW2 submarines are essentially torpedo boats that can hide. As long as they can’t cap zones or reload torpedo reserves while submerged, and assuming that all vessels have the ability to spot periscopes, they should be fine.

The amount of “You wouldn’t want your battleship to get blown up by a submarine, would you?” comments in this thread astounds me. Like, duh, no I don’t want my battleship to get blown up by a submarine. I also don’t want it to get blown up by Scharnhorst but that happens every naval match!


It would be awesome to play WW2 subs, and then maybe reach the top tiers like SSN Los Angeles (USA) or maybe the Alpha soviet sub or Akula (Shark) russian sub. Gorgeous! They should implement something for towed array sonar (passive) and also for termocline sonar “barrier”. Would be amazing


That’s why discussing it is important, and why I find comments along the lines of “terrible idea don’t add” so useless when it’s obvious that Gaijin will add them at some point.

It’s a rehash of the arguments players used to give against drones/helicopters/flares/air to air missiles/supersonic jets/modern MBT’s/Cold war MBT’s, Delete depending on how long you’ve been playing.

It’s a minority of players, but a very loud one and it gets very boring after a while reading the opinions of people who are determined not to change their mind, and will deliberately go out of their way to make sure they learn nothing that could change their mind.

As for more realistic submarines, I didn’t initially think of “compared to The Other Game”, I was more thinking of “no paper vehicles” such as wacky prototypes or things that never got off the drawing board.