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Or make it to where they can only cap when surfaced


I have a strong feeling we will get submarines this year.
(Source it came to me in a dream) no just kidding but actually with all the testing we already had. It would give naval so much more depth I know depth ahhahahaha but you know what I mean.

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We definitely WILL see them doesn’t matter if people want then or not they ARE coming its just a matter of time…all evidence shows they are being worked on.


Make sense, just like helicopters need to land and cant capture point 500m in air. Or that gamemode in Air AB where you need to land on airfield to capture it.

What give me personnal hope is when crew subs voice happened in the files, France got somes too.

So i really hope when subs gonna be a thing, everybody having a navy for now gonna have something to play with :D


I’m surprised they haven’t been implemented, considering how close to complete the recent test mode was (in terms of technical elements and mechanics), and that quite a few models have been in WT Mobile for a whilenow.

I rather enjoyed the test, especially as virtually all issues with it were due to the mode itself (asymmetric) combined with AB mechanics (ships dumping all charges on every sub because reloads, etc). Fingers crossed they’re here soon.

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I tried the submarine event and it’s actually pretty fun and it really gives a reason for the depth charges to see action besides killing patrol boats lol but I really am excited to see if gaijin added the submarine into war thunder


How would you guys implement hydrophone?

Just like using the dozer blade from tanks, you press the key and it deploys it until you hit the key again.

The faster the travel the less the hydrophone picks up. Aka if your 1/3rd ahead you have quite a good hydrophone ability and if you are stationary you have 100% range for that version of equipment. The quicker you travel the instant drop off is seen.

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I think that the best solution would be adding submarines for SB and AB only. SB because maps are big and usually underwater subs are slow and AB just because you can see subs with tags. (Sorry if I make English grammar mistakes )

Subs for ships will just go like Helicopters did for tanks. Just another cause for endless complaints, People really don’t think these things through before asking for them.

Another update without submarines :|


Losing your ships to subs will one more thing for you all to moan about, be like Helis to GRB and the CAS spam issue. You people do it to yourselves, you can’t help it.

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Subs equivalent in tank battles is like bringing Mi-4 into 10.0 battle but you forgot to set controls for Falangas

You’re assuming Gaijin will implement subs (and ASW) in a realistic way. Ships or subs, one of them will be the ‘new Helis’.

Why are you assuming they wont? (“BeCaUsE gAiJiN” will not pass with me)


It would be great to see but then again we’re in the minority here in Naval, while the majority of the player base plays Air & Ground. In regards to them hopefully getting added I would like Midget & Coastal Submersibles to be included in the package (a few to name down below).

Type IIA-D

Type A Kō-hyōteki-class
Type D Kō-hyōteki-class


yes they do

Would just like to add that this would allow a Thai subtree fit with Japan even better as Japan as Thailand operated 4 Matchanu-class Submarines manufactured by Mitsubishi which actually survived the war. Thailand is also building the Chalawan midget submarine for a more modern offering to be built by a British company.

Isolated layers from the " Battle of the Atlantic " loading screen prize:


Official artwork from game website: