Su25sm3 Kh38ml and MT MAJOR PROBLEM

First and foremost these missles are entirely broken i already have the new su25 and its all its missles and let me tell you this missle is beyond broken.

I am not one to tell on myself i love the fact i can shoot the the damn flakrakrad and it90m with its equally broken vt1 missle with ease from 15 miles away but is that fair that i can now shot any tank or any SPAA from beyond the distance they can fight back? No its not what so ever.

Once again we are facing another broken RUSSIAN WEAPON with no place in War thunder without a counter, just wait a month after most people grind this out and the russians are back on top above the germans and above everyone, people especially German mains will be back to crying to "“germany suffers” “cough cough- best tank in game 2a7v” so quit your crying and tell everyone your still suffering.

Anyways, this goes without saying these missles can literally shot a target from over 20miles which is what nearly 40km? Im sorry im an American i use Miles as all Americans should but yet i find some of them wanting to be Europeans or asians all the sudden and say “km” what because war thunder starts you out in KM unless you change it. Regardless thier is 0 place CURRENTLY FOR THESE MISSLES WITHOUT A COUNTER and i will say it again CURRENTLY, not everyone will want to sacrafice all thier spawn points just to spawn a plane to take down 1 single plane then get smacked out the sky by an OP VT1 or even some OP jas39, this is gonna be a massive problem within the month after thousands of people grind this plane out, and what will gaijin do? They will literally do nothing in the meantime when your facing the russians be prepared to get smacked from 15miles away when you German mains are camping on some hill with your 2a7v and all the sudden your tank just got smacked like you owe child support which is so satisfying to see this happen, but i want the damn game to be fair and balenced. Not just one sided and only nation get the latest and greatest weaponry that no one can defend against, its wrong on so many levels and i do love this game and i want to protect what we have and while were not perfect right now nor will we ever be but at least alot of nations are on some equal footing right now outside of 2 or 3 at most and eventually those nations will get thier time and some may never get thier due like Isreal or italy but lets face it the Merkava sucks and the ariete sucks even worst but hey thats not really gaijins fault they are just crappy tanks with paper mache as so called armor and only geniuses put engines in the front of vehicles so cant blame them thier.

I would earge everyone to report to gaijin we need this removed untill thier is proper counter outside of wastinf potentially 650 spawn points just to spawn a plane to kill 1 plane possibly then to die anyways which then you will come back with what? 200 spawn points at most? Its not worth it. Thats saying only if you had 650 to begin with. So its better just to take your chances and let someone else deal with it and thats not realistic because gaijin is to poor to know this is a team game and people using keyboards to communicate instead of open voice chat as this game should have (yes it would be toxic) call of duty has it and you dont see anyone slitting thier wrists over what someone said to them on it do you? Just to be able to tell your teamate and talk to your team only thiers a su25sm3 up who wants to deal with it is a big deal. Seeing as thouvb thier is cross platform game play most ps5 and xbox users dont have keyboards infront of them to even communicate so that alone can make your team lose.

Ill stop my ramblind now and stop going off topic, just condensing my concerns while throwing shads at some who will be complaining in a few weeks anyways. Good day everyone and good hunting besides the 🤡 in the 2a7v LOL


Sorry about my spelling errors have fat fingers on this phone

@Thunderphenol look at this guy lol

you can intercept this atgms in every spaa except type 81 ito and toyota corola

Come on then, who’s done the youtube video? This is like the 3rd post about the missiles ive seen now

Probably some clickbait view farmer who likes to hype everything


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They are actually quite easy to intercept (Unless you are in an ADATS LMAO). It just requires extra effort on your part plus uses 4 of your missiles to survive it. I would say that its one of the stronger CAS aircrafts, but nothing compared to the capabilities of 12.7 multirole aircraft.

oh hey look,

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I bet this guy who has monetary incentive to lie and overreact about this isnt manipulating people to make more money

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Sad “Imp.chaparral” sounds (should have a different name as well as far as I’m aware)

But Germany does suffer :3


Seemed quite unfair that the ADATS cant track these missiles so I went ahead and created a bug report for it. Lets hope its a bug. Community Bug Reporting System

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you made the ito video aswell where you intercepted i think all of them except one ?

I wouldn’t call it broken, it’s just a step up from what we had before, these things are going to happen.

Yeah its like intercepting any maverick or hellfire. SPAA is definitely going to struggle to hit missiles that are not coming straight to it though. It is super fast.

people wont adapt tho and they will cry its op

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They are literally no joke i just got this plane today and i killed a it090 at 12 miles and even further its quite amazing and the only one truly that can intercept the missle is gonna be the pantsir and unfortunately thats a russian vehicle…go figure. The SPAA ive gone against are literally powerless and uselss they had to hide behind rocks because they coudnt touch me, even worst you get 4 of these things and they are so fast they are hard to intercept

No its not only pantsir ito can do the same ask @Thunderphenol who did it easily

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Well thats true for any balancing change/new feature. The best thing to do is to tell them what they are doing wrong. Its up to them if they want to listen to it or not.