SU25k and A10

Hi guys. What are your thought about SU25k and A10 still at 10.0? Is it still fair or unfair for being a CAS in GRB? What other planes with same BR can compare to this CAS planes? Thanks.

Ayit is superior at 9.3.

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They really should make BR distinction between ARB and GRB


That would not increase the BRs of A-10 & Su-25, but decrease them for ground battles.
There’s no reason to have such a feature when nearly all aircraft are already balanced for both modes.

Both planes are very powerful cas aircraft in grb, and both break the game in air rb, its a wonder they havent gone up in br yet really

a10 is 10.3 though. They were relatively balanced before the ground missile nerf. Manpads are still effective against them though.

The TT A10 is 10.3, the premium is 10.0. It is really not hard to evade early SAMs, just using either terrain cover or simply outranging them with mavericks means you can more often than not destroy any aa before it kills you.

The lock range on mavericks requires you to get within madpad range. I agree that, due to the missile nerf, mouse controlled missiles are easy to dodge. madpads are harder to dodge unless you are paying attention.
I thought they raised the premiums br, i guess not. Funny because I think the premium one is better for cas because the aim65b has better zoom than the aim65d.

These really aren’t the vehicles for that case. You could move both of these up(as they should) and they would perform the same way.

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Cause they, as a collective, die as much as they kill.
Su-25 is essentially a slower Harrier that can pull harder with R-60Ms.
In both situations, Harrier & Su-25, if they launch a missile on someone without flares, they’re dead.
Aim-9G doesn’t mess around either.
The benefit Su-25 gets is launching in the head-on which is really powerful and leads to its increased BR.
In-reality, a lot of things with meta missiles need moved up.
And we need to be patient as Gaijin figures out where to decompress everything.

I think like a lot of things, the issue isnt necessarily the CAS. But rather the lack of reliable counter SPAA. As a Britain main, the only SPAA option at 10.3 is the Stormer HVM, which bug riddled at the moment, and so underperforming. The best SPAA/CAP I think I actually have access too currently, is a Lynx, But the ATAS AAMs on that are hugely unreliable currently

The Cheiften Marksman is not much better at actually providing effective SPAA. Especially against higher BR jets like the A-10 and Su-25K with RWR.

So this basically leaves me vulnerable to CAS from these jets often. and this goes for a lot of nations. If there were a decent selection of SPAA, at all BRs, then CAS would naturally be harder. Make additional changes like restoring AI SPAA to actually do damage. And the problems in GRB get resolved greatly. Now I do still think these aircraft need seperate BRs for ARB and GRB but that is literally another thread.

On the flip side. I think CAS is also kinda buggy in some respects. and the lack of key loadout options like HARM and Cluster munitions require CAS to engage in less favourable conditions. Not too mention some artificial nerfing i’ve observed of late (in ASB not GRB, but should be the same) where AGMs seem to not lock on at their maximum possible range. Seems like 15km max these days, should be more like 20km. This brings you well within the range most SPAA.

There is a point when you have to ask, why is x vehicle dying so much, is it because x vehicle is bad? or is it because of other factors. Gaijin needs to start asking that question a bit more imo.

so an entirely different plane with entirely different flight characteristics. Also which harrier are you talking about. The reason the harrier isnt half as much an issue as the Su-25 and A-10 is that for the harrier to launch its missile at you, it has to get behind you, which is fairly easily avoided. With an A-10 or Su-25 you literally have no option to kill it, it requires you to catch one that is not paying attention, and either close before it can headon you and kill it with guns, or pull up behind it and missile it.

How long ago were the decompression changes to top top teir exactly? For how long have the A-10 and Su-25 been able to see 9.0 vehicles? Patience is one thing, waiting 6 months to sort an issue like an entire br bracket being practically unplayable is a completely different thing

You analyze well over 1000 vehicles, & deliberate to 20+ other people on what should happen and what should go where.
See how long it takes you.
Chances are, in 7 months time, you’ll have not even reached the amount that Gaijin has deliberated on.

I’m not paid to do this, also, it doesnt hurt that much to make a change to a vehicles br after 1 month, see if its performance particularly changes, and if it does, change it back. Realistically, who is saying that these vehicles are perfectly balanced where they are? Because whover is probably needs to not be making any balancing desisions in the future, its probably the same person who decided to not move the 279 up.