Su-39: R77,R27,R73

In what way? Maneuvrability? Basicly svery jet struggles at alt with pull… the only jets that should technically hate alt would be the ones that dont do BVR well, like the sparrow armed F-16’s and the gripens. Tho technically speaking, with excessive cons and MP being an issue, being at alt with most jets is a lil dicey in sim

Jaguar, Tornado, Harrier and Buc. They all feel… unwieldly at alt. Heck you can barely take-off with any meaningful bomb load in most of them :D

Tbf, the tornado and iirc the bucc are low alt aircrafts in the first place… qs is the tornado and jag afaik. And only 1 of those is of any use in bvr…

Jag, Tonka and Buc were all low alt strike aircraft. they were usually operated at 300ft. So yeah, not really that surprising. Harrier’s wierdly do like being up high, but you give up most of your advantages in say the Gr7 by doing that. Only really the FA2 would be good on that map.

Yeah, BVR trucks can do well. F3 radar just controls that map, but the Phantoms I just dont bother, too much noise, but overall, I dont find the advantage all that great. Especially with the annoying things on that map, like landing and taking off at alt and possibly into and out of clouds (God I wish we had GMR just for dealing with that)

Its a fine map under the right conditions, I just find the disadvantages too annoying. Plus no Carrier for take-offs and landings


I like it mostly cuz its one of the rare terrain heavy maps, and is along with other “good maps” the largest current in-game size as well. The clouds do also act as a pro and con. Sometimes they help you in BVR (hide contrails) sometimes you eat a mountain…

Yeah, I will give you that, you can do some proper terrain masking. I did manage quite an extended sortie, plodding around deep inside enemy territory in the Buc S2B the other day and never saw the enemy once.

Just need a similar map, but with a much lower base alt.

EC Pyranese release when


Thats spain :p spain has lower alt, lower terrain (but still god for hiding) and the terrain covers most of the map!

Maybe ill take another crack at reviving my old suggestion. Ill cry if the mods kill it for an 8th time tho.

It may be worth it to also take look at the maps available in arcade to see if any would be useful, though they are obviously small for EC maps, maybe inspiration could be taken for future development.

I personally think that most of the Air Arcade only (Ground Strike) maps could work pretty well if scaled up properly in an EC context especially; African Canyon, African Coast, Ireland, Iron Range, and Mountain Gorge (Graverobber’s Cliffs would get an honorable mention but is slightly too small, and Top of the World lacks enough features to be a great map) since they tend to have multiple valleys and other relatively large features that can be used to break line of sight. And I much prefer them in high tier arcade(8.7 and higher) with in air ordnance replenishment, and no multipath so has a constant stream of missiles and no crutch for poor situational awareness.

My old suggestions the mods so helpfully killed when the new forums were introduced was the most popular map suggestion ever on the old forum (iirc), and was never passed to devs, despite having vastly more votes and being older than certain things that were…

General gist of it was reworking some old arcade maps to fit top tier RB as EC maps.

The maps were:

Guiana Highlands:

Mountain Ridge:

Pacific Hidden Base:

Alpine Meadows:

The literal entire point of the suggestion was providing reworked high quality maps for top tier jets while decreasing gaijin dev workloads by reusing old assets and just modernising them.

To this day, I dont understand why the mods killed this suggestion.

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i love how the mountains kinda break up the map into a bunch of smaller segments, makes it feel a bit bigger then what it actually is since people cant just see everybody on the map at all times with their radar like on flat maps.