Su-39, "Khod/Kinzhal" Thermal Imaging/Radar Container

It’s a misconception. Let’s say 90% of Russian-speaking players think that aviation is too weak.

You pay 700-900 points and get a small chance to beat SPAA, of which there are many, which are cheap and strong.
Now in many ways SPAA has been weakened and I’m glad for it.

I think the balance is pretty good right now, except for invulnerability for 20 seconds. SPAA should lose it after 1 shot or missile launch so it can’t shoot everything out of invulnerability.

Well, in that case the developers think the balance of the USSR on 11.7 is fine, so I don’t mind. I hope you agree with them in this case and will not object to it.

So the developers are not russian bias? If they wanted everything for the USSR, they would have given out everything the players asked for.

This poll would say otherwise

that stupid at that point they might just as well spawn KA 50s and beat the spaa, the SU 39 is no beat all problems solver, if you dont like the SU 39 take sth else

dont take it out of concept he said performance of SU 39 not USSR completly

compare what russia got with any nation besides us maybe, russia got way more top tier stuff then many other nations in recent patches


Best A2A aircraft:


Best Heli


Best SPAA:


Whilst I dont think they are the “best”, they certainly have several very very good tanks as well, including things like the BMP.

They are also very strong in naval as well currently.

What proof is there of this?

What he probably means is that it is currently equipt with the TIALD pod[1988], not the *AN/AAQ-33* SNIPER[2007].

and aside from that, the Harrier is missing additional ordnance options as well as having been given incorrect variants to balance the aircraft[AGM-65D in place of -65G / -65K among others].

Germany has a better air tree.
Sweden, Germany, China all have superior top ground lineups.
Su-39 is mid at best, even with its wacky features.

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German jets are shit, the best ones are ussr ones, dont quite know how the russian ww2 planes compare,

sweden ground well yeah that one is a realy good tree but suffers from abysmal air tree,

german ground suffers from a lack of vehicles, after the recent atgm changes the wiesel isnt that good anymore for top tier, puma is broken, tam is meh so only bagel

Chinas half tree is copy pasta russian stuff ,but yeah top tier is developing well ,but they suffer from not getting self developed vehicles and mostly getting russian stuff

Russia is in the position of having a great ground line up for top tier with different playstyle vehicles, with multi role capability as anti air which a lot other nations lack because air burst ammunition isnt implemented right, coupled with a good use able air tree or helis that can take the cas role easily in form of ka 50, su 39 or the mig 27, mig 29 can do cas with dumb bombs or rockets as well in low altittude.

The Su 39 as states by smin performs as it should, it main roles is an accesible striker aircraft for ground players that might not wanted to grind an entire air tech tree to get to top tier stuff. An accesible striker premium is sth a lot of nations are still lacking

Germany gets the lightest Mig-29, which means the best in WT due to equal equipment.
Germany has the Tornado IDS which automatically makes it better than all Soviet CAS.
Tiger UHT is the best heli in WT currently.
“German ground suffers from lack of vehicles” is a statement admitting Soviets do, since Germany has more ground than Soviets.
China is 21 copy paste on ground, at least 32 unique vehicles including M3A3 as China was the first to receive it.


the differences are minimal, and most players will not be able to do use those because of the needed skill, as aresult in essence they are the same to the ussr one

so do 3 other nations , dont know why u specialy name those i meaned that the www2 german jets are bad, but the german tornado isnt even the best anymore and they came way to late

tiger uht is very situational and only useable on open maps like desserts because the slightest bush lets the pars 3 explode, the ka 50 /52 still are the most universal best helis with the vikhers having the biggest range proxy detonation for anti air and able to shoot trough bushes and smokes

T-80BVM, T-80UK, T-72B3, 2S25M as fast scout, Khrizantema-S, Pantsyr, both 2S38 and BMP 2M are useable and good in top tier as well, this ground line up shows a diversity with different fun playstyles

Leopard 2A5/6, PL, FlaRakRad, Wiesel 1a2 got hit hard from atgm changes isnt that good anymore, Tam 2C is pretty meh in my opinion, Puma and Begleit already mentioned

That makes 8 USSR vehicles vs 4 realy useable ones 5 with Tam, if you count top tier vehicles completly it is 10 USSR ones and 6 German ones, german ground didnt get a meaningfull ground addition since a long time that isnt broken in its state, Gepard 1A2 still broken since release proxy stingers dont work, Puma completly broken with so many problems the old forum thread is gigantic

Are you in over your head? Russian-speaking player != plays for the USSR

If Morvran thinks the developer knows better than him, I guess complaining about the balance to him is not worth it

USSR at the top level:

  1. 1 tank 11.7 vs. 2-3 for all other nations
  2. 0 multipurpose airplanes with smart armament. USA has 2, France 1, Japan 1 (it doesn’t even have this airplane in reality)
  3. the number of thermal imagers on airplanes is 0.

So no, USSR still lacks many important things.

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Couch warriors who have played 0 fights on any of these tanks amuse me.

You literally make yourself look like an expert on the USSR without having matches there at all.

what? the hell does that have to do with russian speaking players?

you said sth as a fact that never was mentioned, sure you can complain but not stating facts that werent proven

mig 27k has smart armament with tv missles, so does the su 39, where do you differiantiate multipurpose, because of bvr missles? that doesnt make sth multipurpose specialy, and the french only gets 4 missles total as well

already said multiple times ia gree they should get it, stop using sth i agree to as an argument against me, it doesnt do anything besides showing you grasping for straws

you complain about french and usa as well and didnt play them , so that is hypocritical, in that case you cant prove french got the best cas etc

Because I see English-speaking players playing much worse on average. This is the conclusion I draw from watching ThunderSkill of those I communicate with. Russian players overwhelmingly have 70%+ efficiency, many 75%+.

Here I see 60-65. I think it’s a different attitude to the games and their competitiveness.

Accordingly, due to the higher skill of more players, players on SPAA do their work better and the outcome of the battle already depends on the capabilities of the technique, not the player, because both play correctly.

Then people are faced with a situation where they have paid 900 points for an airplane and have to fight an endless stream of SPAAs for 70 points. Literally you can see 3-4 SPAAs at a time. Also, a favorite tactic of some people is that if you get killed by a plane, take the SPAA and you have 20 seconds of invulnerability to get revenge.

I wrote that players on the Russian-speaking forum do not consider SPAA weak, and you write about ka-50. Players on the Russian forum play for absolutely all nations

Yes, they don’t have medium-range missiles, large ammo cannon for dogfighting and good flight parameters (MiG-27K is not bad, but still not a competitor to f-14, mirage or f-16).

so yes, mig-27k and su-39 are not multi-purpose airplanes.

Su-27, MiG-29SMT are multi-purpose. You will see combinations of X-25\X-29 and R-27 or R-73 there

You say the ssr has it better, but no. They have 1 tank 11.7 (waiting for T-90M in the near future I hope)
They don’t have a decent light tank (2S25M is shit, it’s no equal to CV90120 for example).
No 4th generation fighters with smart armament (what I call multitasking aircraft).
There are no thermal imagers on airplanes either. Other than the Su-39 literally no one can get them even potentially.

You’re forgetting a lot of things since you haven’t actually played on these vehicles.

Above you gave a polol analysis of all the top tier tanks from the ssr, which is ridiculous considering I’ve played on almost all of them and a small part of them are really good.

US tanks are essentially little different from the leopard, which I’ve played a few hundred games on. Western vehicles are very similar for the most part, with a few exceptions.

Yes, I haven’t played on France, but I was only talking about the Mirage, not giving my “best in the world” verdict on every tank, as you did.

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comparing the language of speakers doesnt even matter since most players play on their regional servers

yeah and i remember how many russian speakers complain about the vikhers being to op and a lot of russian stuff being to strong because they enjoy playing other nations as well and dont like how ussr is to strong

ahhh so you say the su 39 is not multi purpose but a striker , then it doesnt need better missles you argued with it being multi purpose good to know

of course my perception isnt 100% true, just like i pointed out the problems with puma, tam etc there might be problems i am not aware of in the ussr tech tree, but you ddint do anything either to go into the matter and explain those and the difference between 11.7 and 11.3 isnt all to much either, ignoring the 2S25M russia still got more viable stuff then other nations at top tier

again i agree it should get it??? can you give it a rest

i never said best in world verdict, i said the line up is stronger then others, that are different matters, best tank propably goes to sweden

in that matter i spoke about air, which is quite different for nations

I will stop discussing balance now, because 1. Discussions witj ralin dont lead anywhere and he doesnt even acknowledge if someone of other side of the argument agress to sth, with razer i at least aleady had good discussion

  1. This is off topic and not the place to discuss balance

It’s not multi-purpose at this point in the game.

You are using the most stupid and contradictory logic possible.

I say that Su-39 is not multi-purpose IN GAME NOW, because it lacks normal A2A armament, and you say that I consider it a strike weapon and it doesn’t need it.

Literally you are talking nonsense

The fact that the only thing you can argue against is me trying to infuriate you shows enough about discussion skills

you wrote below that you don’t want to talk anymore. Accordingly, I decided not to respond to things where discussion is possible and responded to nonsense.

I could not leave a literally contradictory statement from you unanswered.