Su-39, "Khod/Kinzhal" Thermal Imaging/Radar Container

@Smin1080p please can you close this thread. Its descended into a rant saying the Su-39 needs thermal imaging pod because russian players are better than other players and therefore it needs it.

You have already provided information on the plans for the Su-39 and this thread feels now unnecessary, nor does it appear to be being used for the purposes of gathering/sharing information on the missing systems.

I don’t think it’s up to you to decide when my thread is closed.

Your post is a direct deception, since the skill was discussed in terms of SPAA and airplane balance.

There is no other topic on thermal imaging container and Kinzhal radar, so this topic is needed for further discussion and publication of documents on these systems.

Take care to close one of your 20 or so threads before you post something like that in mine


All I see is whining about if it should be added or not, nothing to add to the real discussion.

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For the moment, yes. But the topic is needed, because maybe someone will add documents here

Of course it’s needed, but for now can you gents stop arguing about if the Pod is needed or not?


the problem is that he doesnt even understand that we agree about the thermal pod

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and the devs have spoken. They aren’t looking to add the Thermal pod to the Su-39 at the moment. Technical discussions are one thing, but unreasonable arguments/demands aren’t going to change that decision

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The SU-39 does really need this FLIR Pod, when I fly my SU-39 I’ve found it somewhat hard and unreliable to constantly squint and look for 1cm targets on the sight and just having even generation 1 thermals which the Khod provides would help A LOT.


Its the only buff that I think the Su-39 Actually needs short term

It would be cool for the soviets to finally get a thermal pod for a fixed wing plane, me thinks, but until then I shall be giving my eyes a workout

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I dont know why but

“should’ve gone to Specsavers” just played through my mind

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Well. What do you think of the developer’s neatness?

R-73 on su-25bm (though bad not tuned yet) and new f-16 on 12.3 with bombs, missiles of all kinds, thermal imaging, etc.

And it will play in the same battle with the Su-39

I hate it. Britain still has nothing competitive

Get your historically accurate T-90. Soon the developer will add tanks of other countries simply because their leaders once shook hands

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There is only 2 real bias in this game, the soviet one for ground (justified) and the US one for air (justified but USA main do not think so). 5th 4th gen aircraft for USA, others nations got 2 or only 1 lol.

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Im never going to research it on principal

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I respect you for that.

I wouldn’t say the USSR part is right. USSR has only 1 tank 11.7, all other major and even many minor nations have at least 2.

Yes, another top US airplane is funny when many have 0

I think the chally 2E is actually a downgrade to the black knight. At least looking at its stat card, mod page. Only reason its 11 7 is the better optics. But you are right on paper

Yes and Russia very likely is getting Mig 29SMT that was seen with french targeting pods so stop complaining, you are getting your new fancy cas, so we can leave the su 39 like it is, besides that very likely the F16C might be the introduction to 12.3