Su-27UBM2: Steppe Rider

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A spear rider, a steppe horseman, a hunter - all this is the Su-27UBM2. Beautiful, statuesque, proud, perfect (well, almost).

Brief historical background

Kazakhstan is a member of the CSTO (defense alliance) and cooperates closely with Russia and Belarus in the field of armaments. This airplane is 99% Russian and Belarusian parts.

The Su-27UBM2 is a Kazakh Air Force aircraft that has undergone a number of modernizations. Originally delivered in the 1990s and the early 2000s, the Su-27UB underwent a number of modernizations and overhauls, turning it into a beautiful bird.

The main areas of modernization are the avionics. This includes:

  • Expansion of the armament list
  • New aircraft defense systems and detection equipment
  • Improvement of radar
  • Improving the accuracy of the navigation system
  • Cabin improvements
Main features
  1. Access to guided weapons in the form of X-29T\TE, X-25ML, X-31A\P, Kab-500Kr\L and Kab-1500Kr\L.
  2. Access to new ATCMs in the form of RVV-AE, aka R-77.
  3. Improvement of H001 radar to improve target identification and ground-to-ground capabilities.
  4. Availability of Litening III FLIR container
  5. Integration of the Satellite-M2 ARTZ into suspension pod.

The final airplane got a new life and a number of unique features, which were given to it by Belarusian 558 ARZ and Izral Rafael company.

A truly beautiful and multitasking airplane that will become a decoration of any hangar.


Su-25UBM2 at KADEX-2010 with Litening III installed

ECM pod together with the R-73 suspended under them

Part of the Su-27UBM2 armament demonstration

Armament after modernization 558 ARZ

Litening 3 is not listed here, because 558 ARZ was not involved in its installation. The container was installed on the airplane later.

Modification Su-27UBM2
Wingspan, m 14.70
Length, m 21.94
Height, m 6.35
Wing area, m2 62.04
Weight, kg
of an empty airplane 16900
normal takeoff 24140
fuels 9400
Engine type 2 ТРДДФ АЛ-31Ф
Pull, kgf
formless 2 х 74,53
afterburner 2 х 122,58
Maximum speed , km/h
on top of 2125
by the ground 1350
Practical range, km 3000
Practical ceiling, m 17500
Max. operating overload 8.5
Crew, persons 2
Armament: 30-mm single-barrel gun GSh-301 (150 rounds).
Combat load 8000 kg on 12 suspension units:
Can be installed: Air-to-air missiles: up to six R-27R1 or R-27ER1, R-27T1, R-27ET1 or R-77 up to four R-73E air-to-surface missiles: Kh-31P anti-radar, Kh-31A, Moskit or Yakhont anti-radar, or tactical Kh-29T guided bombs KAB-500, 500 kg bombs (up to 8 units), 250 kg bombs (16 units), or up to six S-13 and S-8 units (30 122-mm or 120 80-mm rockets, respectively).

A few disclaimers:

  1. There is no ECM in the game yet: yes, no, I was just mentioning all the armaments. Plus the ECM Satellite is just as RWR and should be added at least as RWR without ECM features
  2. Some missiles are not in the game: yes, I was just mentioning the full list (like the R-77, which will be added in 2024)
  3. It’s strong: yes, it’s a full 4th generation multi-role for the USSR, which they don’t have now. It makes sense that it would appear along with similar airplanes. In addition, it has disadvantages in the form of not updated radar, as well as increased weight.

Казахстанский военный сайт - Каталог самолетов


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