4th gens and Fox-3s

add the F-4F ICE you forgot it. It was the first Plane Germany had that used AIM 120s together with the Radar of the F18 Hornet

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if we talk about the German version it also had AIM 9 I-1 with a new seaker from Diehl thats about the same as the one on the 9M and i think the UK tested that missile aswell… the I-1 is a 9L with a newer seaker btw

read the thread 4th gen and fox 3
so fox3 on 4th gen platforms

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F-4F ICE is offically considered a 4.5 Gen in the Luftwaffe because of the Radar and its Weapons together with the upgraded Avionics but its a Gen 3 Platform plus it makes more sense to add it before we get the Eurofighter and before its too late and DOA

The advantage is IRIS-T (60G). The problem will be if the F4F ICE based on a 2-3 generation aircraft will play against the 4th generation with an old cockpit (ILS), without OLS, without NSC, only 4 Aim-120 + 4 melee missiles. This is not 6 p77 at 27cm + 4 r73. F4F ICE will be worse than the Su-27 with R27ER + 73.

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@TyTheGuy27 Best USSR choice. add this

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just so you know the 4F ICE did use IRIS-T and even the Meteor before the Eurofighter got it as it the Meteor was made for it to replace the ageing 120B also HMD was later added to it but i fully understand it will fight certain jets so lets give it at least 1 better missile to give it a trade off

Meteor is a different kind of beast might be too much

Ive discussed the potential balancing of the F-4 ICE in my suggestion post for it (which has been passed on to the devs). Note that this was made two updates before the Su-27 and F-15 were introduced in game, at the time the F-16C and MiG-29SMT were the newest jets

Continuing the discussion from F-4 Phantom ICE: Improved Combat Efficiency:

no, dude, maybe better:

At 1:32, DA.2 firing a missile, don’t know if it’s a Sidewinder or an ASRAAM.

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i know that it would be too much just wanted to say it can use them the 120B would be enough @DETROIT HOOD LEGEND yes i saw and i m very happy to see it being accepted its a Ledgendary Plane for us with some good camos to make money with

also guys Germany did test the F-15B once but i m not sure what Missiles got tested on it

Judging by the look of the rear fins its a sidewinder but too low quality to be sure

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i don’t think it was a sidewinder

Ok, premium or squad vehicle)

Agreed, ICE and Tornadoes with AMRAAMs and 9M/L(I)s would be like 12.7

the ICE could be 12.3 because of the Platform its on same for Tornado ofcourse that needs to be tested

Wonder if they will add LAU-128 pylons as an option for the F-15s to carry wing AIM-120s

12.3 (IRIS-T + Aim-120B)