Su-27SM: Ferocious Flanker!

SLAM-ER can be used in a similar way to KH-38MT

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The Kh-59MK2 can also be used as the X-38 MT. As I said, you started writing nonsense and comparing a cruise missile with a tactical one

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i would also like AGM-130 too (AGM-65K was just added to the files so CCD seeker is being worked on for war thunder)

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A bomb with a rocket engine)). Well, this is more suitable

i would like both please :)

AGM-187A (AGM-179 optimized for Fighter carriage), GBU-39A/B (Laser SDB-I) or -53/B(SDB-II) can each be quadpacked on a BRU-61A/A, and depending on the aircraft can carry up to 4x racks so up to 16x launches is possible from a single aircraft.

They could alternately add the AGM-154 variants, but the range might be somewhat excessive, and lacks Laser guidance.

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Yes, and?

It’s no Different from the Maverick, if launched from highspeed.


Kh-38MT/ML 70 km

Can it be carried four to a station? I’d find that a worthwhile tradeoff, and I don’t think a Laser designator could go that far, so at least in terms of self designation specifically that’s an overstated range.

A laser can be provided by another aircraft,tank,infantry,UAVs

Buddy Lasing isn’t implemented in game yet, even though it was mentioned as being fairly trivial in a Dev Q&A from 2021.

There are such thoughts, especially since technically it is quite simple to implement, but we need to think about the implementation and the meta.



Mind linking me to it?

I ate it hard on that shot haha

I will if I can find it again lol.

God i wish we had buddy lasing

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I have top tier aircraft or at least planes at the same br as the F4E and with germany both western and eastern aircraft. I have expirience flying against them.
You are the one loosing with a 12.7 plane to a 11.3 plane, which has no advantages in air to air fights

Then tell me what br the su-27 should be? 11.0 because you claim it’s worse than the f4e?

I am not hating any nation. You are the one claiming that russia build a worse plane in the 90s than a plane from the 60s

What do you mean? Cant every nation strike with CAS from 25km away?

When we get the F-35, F-22 and J-20 to counter the Typhoon.