Su-27SM: Ferocious Flanker!

This deep modernization of the Su-27 jet fighter expands the tactical capabilities of this aircraft in both air battles and in ground battles. The most advanced representative of the Su-27 series will be appearing in the next major update!

Su-27SM: A Jet Fighter for the USSR at Rank VIII


  • ARH air-to-air missiles!
  • 1500 kg bombs.
  • Kh-29 guided missiles.
  • Advanced RWR.
Vehicle History

The modernization program for the aging Su-27s in the Russian Air Force fleet was developed at KnAAPO at the end of 2002. This program aimed to qualitatively improve the combat qualities of the aircraft, improve flight performance and expand its capabilities. The Su-27 received a new RWR, an updated weapons control system and an updated radar for operating R-77 missiles, air-to-surface missiles and KAB-500Kr and KAB-1500Kr guided bombs. The first serially modernized Su-27SM were put into service in 2003, where it’s currently in service with the Russian Air Force.

Meet the Su-27SM

One of the best jet duelists in the game is getting even better. This modern modification of the Su-27 receives R-77 ARH missiles, as well as a competitive set of guided weapons for Ground Battles. Today we’re going to take a look at this jet, so let’s dive in!

It’s first worth saying that this new Russian top tier jet can carry up to 6 x ARH R-77 medium-range missiles, allowing you to begin combat at a significant distance. Together with the R-27T and ET, R-27R and ER missiles that you may already be familiar with, the close-combat R-73 all-aspect missile and a helmet-mounded target designation system makes the Su-27SM perfect all-round for air superiority. A very important update to this aircraft is the advanced RWR an with informative display, where you have complete information about the tactical situation and immediate threats.

Download Wallpaper:

For Ground Battles, the Su-27M has improved dramatically. Firstly, this new aircraft has received the TV guided KAB-500Kr and a completely new, destructive one and a half ton KAB-1500Kr, the largest caliber of Russian bombs of this type in the game. Along with updating the weapons control system, the Su-27SM is armed with up to 4 x Kh-29TE guided missiles, together with air-to-air missiles or other weapons.

The entire diverse arsenal of the first Su-27 is also available to the Su-27SM, including parachute bombs, regular bombs and incendiary bombs, unguided rockets of various sizes and the good old trusty 30 mm GSh-30 cannon. Thanks to this fantastic array of weapons, the Su-27SM has now become the best attack aircraft in the Soviet aviation research tree. 10 hardpoints means you’ll be able to perfectly place selected weapons for air or attack combat, as well as any combination that you need for any style to fit your needs.

In your matches by Alex, Lead Air Designer: “This is an amazing universal aircraft, with excellent dynamics and weapons! In battle, I would advise taking a high position, searching for the enemy, practicing with R-77 missiles and while firing countermeasures, evading a possible oncoming missile attack using “3-9” maneuvers. When approaching the enemy launch R-73 close-range missiles, do not forget to use the helmet-mounted target designation system, especially in maneuverable combat. In ground battles, this aircraft has also become a formidable weapon; you shouldn’t go against air defense without thinking, but the Kh-29 missiles or the new KAB-1500 will not leave the enemy indifferent, even if there was no direct hit.”

That’s the end of today’s blog. You’ll be able to research the incredible Su-27SM that will be arriving in the next major update at the end of the Soviet aviation research tree. Stay tuned to our website see what else is coming!

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So, When are we getting Typhoons and rafales to counter this then?


The best fighter in the world.


… great…
as if the Su-25 SM3 wasnt enough in the ground strike role… this one gets 4 30km TV missiles


Thrust vectoring?



great a plane to dominate arb and grb


good good nice nice typhoon when?



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Screenshot please.

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which br, if its not 13.3 playing any plane higher than 11 will be pain, in 12vs12 4 of them can launch 2 missles at every oponent and will still have other missles i guess, edit it will have 4 ir all aspect left


You mean Rafale? Right? Right? ^^"

Yep Rafales as well

People so cope about just an MLU Su-27 lol


When Su-35 is added probably

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No screenshot but here is IRL Su-27SM cockpit;


True. Gotta wait till USSR have something maybe better before other nations are allowed to catch up


It’s not time for Typhoon imo.

That would be just like on NATO aircrafts/mig-29smt

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