Su-27SM: Ferocious Flanker!

Yes 😔 truly saddening

Sure. Looking forward to meteor and ASRAAM in the typhoon FGR4 to counter those

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I don’t think meteor has that good of a seeker

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Is it just me or is that the German flag?

??? What is bro yapping about ?

Why wouldnt it have a good seeker?

Why would it?

Because it came after the AIM120, Aim7M and MICA missile it should have a great seeker.
Meteors limitation is its battery life

Not necessarily but could be true. iPhone battery missile.

The range the missile can be launched at 100+ nautical miles means the batteries for the missile system can run out before the missile has hit the target.

Battery life for BVRAAMs is a major issue.

Because the entire reason for the creation of the Meteor missile was to replace the AIM-120 for countries that import it from the USA to instead have a domestically made and improved missile.
it it became a worse missile i highly doubt that it would have been put into service.

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I think it has an updated MICA seeker or something, but the performance of the missile is vastly greater than Aim-120

Yapping about how I thought that was a German flag.

no pod…

What makes you say this? Did they confirm that somewhere?

way too advanced.

Not really.

Typhoon DA2 would be no higher than 13.3 based upon where the F-15C MSIP II is placed

It should be 13.7 with the Advanced Eagles/late f15c for US, the eft has quite favorable properties for war thunder air gameplay


theres no model of it and they wont bother making it