Su-27SM: Ferocious Flanker!

NATO also carries multi purpose heat and programmable He rounds.

Problem comes from the design itself, compare to blowout panels carousel design is not that good.

I can understand the decision behind the general design of T-Series tanks and when they were first introduced it was actually quite a good design, sadly it didnt aged well.

Dude be real, the vast majority of the complaining on this forum comes from US players.

Though it is kind of funny you concede that the F16C is still a better option than the SU27SM would be even with a pod.

If that’s the case, what’s the issue? Having a pod makes CAS more fun and engaging. It’s a game, after all.


Multipurpose is not equal in charge to high-explosive fragmentation. If there were such shells in the M1 laying, the turret would be torn out in the same way. Even with the presence of bouncing panels


Not really, almost every nation loves to complain to certain degree, doesnt matter if its Us or Russia but the thing is even with all those artifical advantages Russian players finds a new way to complain.

Because it is? F-16 can carry more A2G munition while having similiar amount of A2A missiles and better flight performance.

However in terms of pure Cas ability Su-25M3 is still the best.

Never said i have any issues about upcoming Su-27SM and its armament, in fact i clearly stated that if it becomes better then Su-25M3 i will use it.

Please show me single sentence where said it shouldnt get its thermal pod, whats funny is i asked thermal pod for SMT for a good amount of time but instead we recieved Su-25M3.

Meanwhile, I started working on the R-77-1



Programmable HE is, seems like you missed that part.

You say that yet there are multiple footages that shows M1 can survive from such an explosion.

I believe Mig23M posted a quite good footages and give a explanation for that.

Like it or not Russian T-Series will never have same survivability ratio that NATO tanks have, unless Russia comes with different design(such as T-14 in this case).

After what? Imagine you have 22 3OF26 projectiles in your stack, each with 5 kg of A-IX-2

And that is the main problem of having carousel storage, in case you didnt noticed.

Blowout panels will not save you from 110kg of A-IX-2


Nothing is hundred percent proof but blowout panels increase the survivability alot.

Anyway enough with this discussion, this is a dedicated thread for Su-27SM and we already derailed enough.

If you wish to discuss this more then you can either take to PM or you can start a dedicated thread for that.

You got killed in a yt vid on the dev server

Have a feeling I know by who.

Was it by a MICA firing aircraft?

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you would be the one shedding tears if NATO planes were given SLAM-ER

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NATO would have cried at the Kh-59MK2. You’ve already started writing some nonsense. You’re comparing a tactical missile to a cruise missile

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SLAM-ER can be used in a similar way to KH-38MT

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The Kh-59MK2 can also be used as the X-38 MT. As I said, you started writing nonsense and comparing a cruise missile with a tactical one

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i would also like AGM-130 too (AGM-65K was just added to the files so CCD seeker is being worked on for war thunder)

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A bomb with a rocket engine)). Well, this is more suitable

i would like both please :)

AGM-187A (AGM-179 optimized for Fighter carriage), GBU-39A/B (Laser SDB-I) or -53/B(SDB-II) can each be quadpacked on a BRU-61A/A, and depending on the aircraft can carry up to 4x racks so up to 16x launches is possible from a single aircraft.

They could alternately add the AGM-154 variants, but the range might be somewhat excessive, and lacks Laser guidance.

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