Su-25BM's air surfaces have lost authoritative control and the flight model is so bad and out of whack

Using a modified load of:

  • 2x RM-60 Air to air missles
  • 32x OFAB-100 bomb

The effect of the load is increasing turn time to +13.0 sec

Despite increase in speed:

  • It cannot complete a 60Deg turn in in time to avoid terrain at 480-500km/h
  • It over rolls the wings to point the nose of the aircraft down to the ground.

How is did the game lost the tuning of the control surfaces?

So don’t fly with this payload.
It’s your choice.

There are many more planes with horrible flight performance while carrying full payload.

Imo all SU25 are not in the game for AirRB. They are for GroundRB.

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I definitely agree with the Su25 should be intended for GroundRB and not AirRB (or they could lower the BR to 7.7 or 8.0 just like what they did to A2D-1 from 9.0 to 7.0 in Air RB, and still is mismatched against jet powered aircraft of the same BR).

Problem is, I need to get the plane spaded and I can only do it efficiently with that payload. Otherwise, I’'ll have to keep flying back to base to re-arm.

Then go rock it in SIM for an hour or two. That should help there. You don’t need to fly with a one track mind like RB forces on everyone.

You did not just suggest moving the Su-25, a jet armed with two R-60M 30G all aspect missiles down to 7.7 or 8.0.
The SU-25 should actually go up in BR as they manage to assist in the demolition of the entire 9.0-10.0 BR bracket. Imagine fighting an Su-25 with an F-86A-5 or F-80C-10.

The missiles the Su-25 uses are for self defense and not air combat, if you want to use the Su-25 in air realistic I suggest you take out rocket pods and use those to grind RP and SL instead of base bombing.

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Not the tech tree Su-25.

The event vehicle Su-25BM (Belarussian)

great, let’s move a jet armed with R-73 missiles into a BR where it will exclusively face flareless subsonics, what could possibly go wrong?

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Like the A2D-1 fighting jets… I’m just following Gaijin logic

it’s safe to say gaijin will not put a jet with R-73s in a BR where it fights WW2 jets and some props

:skull: bro you did not just suggest moving it down.

The game offers the possibility to deploy the maximum possible bombload to each aircraft.
But… many times in the game it happens that the player loads the full limit of bombs, or the maximum load of heavy bombs and is so slow that he does not reach the target base because he is shot down first…
With heavy bombers I have learned that a similar type load such as 8/10 - 250/500 lb. is ideal for ARB.

Are they not target bases?
Are there too many enemy players near the target?

Yes good.
I will wait somewhere sideways at a good height and at a decent speed or I will look for a free space where the enemy ground AI is …

For jet attack aircraft I would load 2x AAMs for the possibility of effective defense, some unguided rockets and a few bombs… in ARB speed is most important …

And … my personal opinion is that the air is too saturated with guided air missiles for high-tier fighters … maybe the game would benefit from max 2x long-range missile, 2x short-range and then some unguided munitions … but it’s just my feeling…

The Su-25BM & Su-39 (Frogfoots I own and fly) initially had a near perfect controls for flying with just keyboard and mouse. Here’s how I found out it changed

Here’s a picture of the Su-25BM at full load just after take off and before enemy engagement. Notice the side slip due to the load on aircraft at approximately 650km/h.

Here’s the same aircraft, after enemy engagement, returning to base approaching friendly airbase at nearly empty stores except for MG pods containing less than 100rds, with the same rudder input yielding the same side slip at approximately the same speed (650km/h). Notice the side slip is still present despite near empty load.

If you’re familiar with a flight control stick’s S-curve sensitivity, the S curve became highly pronounced causing the plane to flip inverted on a high bank turn, in most of the aircraft I fly ever since I changed from prop to jet. However, I experience the nearly the same flight performance on my A2D-1, AD-4 and F3-D1. The only conclusion I can make from this game experience is that the flight model has changed (See my first post).

An interim solution proposed by a friend familiar with these things is lower the polling rate of the mouse from 1kHz to 250Hz. It’s a little less prone to a roll and dive but it still happens, albeit have minimal gains in terms of controllability.