Su-25BM 558 ARZ strike jet aircraft

It’s a modernization which DID have hardpoints for the missile.

Yes, I believe we should see more variants of aircraft since they add variety and interesting event vehicles, personally I will be picking this up to go with my 11.7 GRB lineup.


There are worse offenders when it comes to A. cashgrabs and B. CAS aircraft, just look at helicopters in their state at the moment, something like the Tiger UHT can sit behind a hill and rain PARS 3 LR missiles onto enemy spaa and tanks with relative immunity to returning fire.

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damn that actually sounds pretty good it would be cool to have a ukrainian btr 3 with barrier atgms

yeah i will do the same grind it and put it in my grb lineup

Read this!!

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For political reasons I highly doubt they’d actually add the tech tree for “that” nation, especially when you know is going on.

Hey maybe a single vehicle but a sub-tech tree is 100% out of the window for obvious reasons.

We first got the SU-25K and SU-25 base before we got the SU-39, SU-25T and now the SU-25BM so you’d have to wait but eventually you could see other BTR-80 variants.

It’s a stopgap between the SU-25/SU-25K and SU-25T/SU-39 so it would either be 11.0 or highest 11.3 but I doubt it would supersede the SU-25T/SU-39 BR wise.

What money? It’s an event aircraft, it’s free to get for all players.
It’s also going to be at a higher BR which makes it useless for ground battles.

People will just buy through it.

Me watching the SU25 eat 4 missiles and continue killing the entire ground team

The irony of all this is all aircraft in WT have nerfed damaged models due to their simplicity.

Yeah, a large percentage will still buy. Many who may have started too late, or just not have had the time. Event vehicles like this may not return again, at least not for a long time. So if you aren’t able to actively play a lot, you may HAVE to spend a little. Probably wont earn as much as the Su-39, but will definetly earn something

I think for that reason is why it should be added. “current events” mean a lot of people currently very very much dont like Russia, but may still want to use iconic vehicles of their country. Adding either Ukraine or a eastern block TT seperate of USSR might be a “politcally” good option

Su-25T will be getting R-73 if this practical test works.

But I could genuinely see that being a few months down the line. Prehaps even Q1 next year. Many may want an Su-25 to run in ARB sooner rather than later. Especially as I 100% expect them to be totally broken when initially added and take some time to actually get to a reasonable place

Eh, Gaijin has never been that slow after a practical test.
9L from A-10 to Harrier to supersonic was very fast after all.

Yeah, but…


Su-39, "Khod/Kinzhal" Thermal Imaging/Radar Container - #283 by Smin1080p
Su-39, "Khod/Kinzhal" Thermal Imaging/Radar Container - #266 by Smin1080p
Su-39, "Khod/Kinzhal" Thermal Imaging/Radar Container - #261 by Smin1080p

I don’t think in this case it will be that fast. I think Ironing out the kinks with IRCCM and off-boresight missiles is not going to be a quick or easy thing. It also only coming to an event vehicle, not a TT/premium does affect things as well. This is definetly a beta test.

By that logic, we should have seen ASMs added to a far greater number of vehicles. Their value is limited true, but the Tornado MFG was added what? 9 months ago? and still the only aircraft in the game with ASMs (i think)

None of that is denial after the data Su-25BM will provide.
Gaijin needs to test R-73s practically regardless cause BR12.3 will require them in order to compete against early ARH aircraft, and super SARH aircraft like F-15.

ASM BRs for naval aren’t happening this year, so the level of urgency is separate to R-73s.
Especially as we head into next year where advanced ARHs and IRCCM missiles just are the obvious next step for all new BRs from then on.

When naval gets near ASM BRs the urgency will increase for that.

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Yeah, but I think the gap between 9Gs and 9Ls is far far greater than the gap between 9Ls and 9Ms will be. Same for R-60 to R-60M and R-60M to R-73.

and whilst you are right about the next gen of aircraft. I dont think that is any guarantee that the Su-25T or Su-39 will see R-73s anytime soon. Only that they have the necessary data to safely add R-73s and 9Ms to the next gen of top tier fighters being added at 12+

I can already see this Su-25 having a higher BR than the other 2. 11.7 ish.

and whilst I dont disagree with you with the ASMs. Still not much of a reason to add them to more stuff. Should be a doddle to add the AS.34 at least to the Tornado ASSTA, fairly certain it could carry them and then just copy paste the radar over as well, all 4 Tornado IDS had the exact same radar. Just in game they have different ones