Su-39, "Khod/Kinzhal" Thermal Imaging/Radar Container

The aircraft is very much the Su-39. It was never sold or advertised both in its blog or store page with the promise of any of these missiles being confirmed. As made clear in the blog, the Su-39 in game is intended to be the version offered for export.

Payloads and weaponry are always subject to balance decisions. Not purely what was historically used or available.

The aircraft is intended to be a premium ground strike aircraft. Again, it was never sold, advertised or promised to receive any of the things you mentioned above.


The Su-39 is a specially modified name for the Su-25TM (not the Su-25T), which was changed to indicate that the aircraft are very different.

The Su-39 has nothing to do with the Su-25T - these are not the same aircraft. Their capabilities for suspended weapons are very different.

If you’re interested, I can attach sources.

I’m talking about what he was created for in life.

The main difference between the Su-39 and the Su-25T is the ability to use medium-range missiles and the potential thermal imager and millimeter-wave radar, which were tested in 1991.

You brought an aircraft into the game without its main features in life, making it in fact a copy of an earlier su-25t.

The su-39 should have a higher BR than the su-25t, because this is an improved version with several differences.

An adequate solution now would be to add the Su-25TM, which would be after the Su-25T and add for the Su-25TM and Su-39 (because they are the same aircraft) the R-27R, a thermal imager and a millimeter radar.

Everyone is happy.

I use Wikipedia only because it is convenient to quickly translate Russian text into English here and it corresponds to the truth (I mean specialized literature).
As you can see, Su-25TM is literally Su-39. Here both names replace each other in the text.

Su-39 - modified Su-25T, which was supposed to have new missiles and suspension systems.

As a result, we only saw a Kopye-25, but firstly, we don’t have a single missile for it (X-31, R-27, R-77), and secondly, a thermal imager and a millimetric radar were also being developed, which were tested in 1991 and could appear in the game.

I’m only talking about the fact that if the Su-39 was added to the game, which essentially differs from the Su-25T in hanging weapons and containers, then it should have them.
Add the Su-25TM to the game and change the Su-39 to get everything I talked about

Su-25TM or Su-39

As you can see there are significant differences. Su-25T carried R-73 on another pylon, did not have R-27, R-77 (РВВ-АЕ on picture), did not have Kh-31, Kh-35

In addition, the Su-39 had a modified Shkval-M, which allowed the use of the Kopye-25 radar, the Kinzhal radar, and the Khod thermal imager.

Su-25T could only use Mercury.

I’m just a history buff who wants to see the technique as authentic if possible.

I understand that issuing a Su-39 R-77 or R-73 is a bit crazy, but it should have a minimum set of matches.

If having a thermal imager, a new radar and a R-27R makes him too powerful, send him to 11.7. The plane will be able to stand up for itself and will be similar to what it is in life.

Now it looks like they gave you a sniper scope without the rifle itself (I’m talking about the presence of a radar without the R-27R)

We are well aware of what the Su-39 is and what it could carry. The aircraft is an Su-39 in game. Again, it has all of the weaponry and equipment we said it would from the get go. Anything supplementary to this is subject to balance / developer decision.

We do not plan to change Su-39 to Su-25TM. The premium is intended to be the version offered for export. Its weaponry, like all aircraft in game, is subject to balance decisions. Mercury is also entirely correct for Su-39, as are its current weapons.

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thank you very much for confirming what we are trying to explain all the time

I’m talking about the addition of the Su-25TM in progressive tree after the Su-25T, with additional armament that made them different.

Now our Su-39 does not have what the Su-39 actually does. This is the Su-25T, which was given a toy in the form of a Kopye-25. It does not turn it into another aircraft.

I’m literally trying to say that the main real life differences between the Su-25T and Su-39 are missing in the game. And since, apart from armament, these aircraft did not differ in anything, we do not have the Su-39 in the game De facto.
This is a Su-25T with a useless radar, for which weapons are completely missing!

Su-39 is the SU-25TM, which was offered for export, not the Su-25T

Unfortunately, the manager’s words tell me that the developers do not understand that the Su-39 is not the Su-25T intended for export.

He stubbornly says that this is the same aircraft, but for export.

No, su-39 - export su-25tm

that part doesnt matter this are the important bits

You just have to understand that it doesnt matter what it is missing, it is an balancing decision and subject to change which you dont understand, and that it is supposed to be a strike aircraft and that its main balancing decisions are depended on this

In that case, they should have called it something else.

Now they can’t bring the Su-39 into play with the R-27R because the name is already taken

they will add the su 25tm, like you said literaly the same aircraft but that will get the missles you want

How will he get if it’s still a Su-39 strike aircraft?)

Either both versions get them, or not one.
Considering it’s not in the “plans” at all, I doubt we’ll see it.

If the answer were “yes, as long as the su-25tm is not in the game, Su-39 will not have a piece of equipment, but after the release of the su-25tm later it will get everything the same” - I would say - good.

of course they both can get different things?, why shouldnt they it just is balancing get it in your head

Thank you for confirming this. Im glad to see the devs are taking a cautious approach to the balance of the Su-39. Has a lot of potential to be too strong.

It’s the same plane. In our game there are no identical vehicles with different weapons.

So careful that it’s fodder for an F-14B or a mirage that kills it and then flies to kill tanks

funny that you say that but we do plenty

This is not unqiue to the Su-39, again, I go back to it, because its a good example of this. The 4x different variants of the Tornado IDS have comparible current loadouts, despite having several uniquely different weapon systems. Such MW-1 on the german Torandos and the JP233 on the British tornados ,etc, etc. But at the moment, most/all those unique weapon systems are missing, with the exception of the newly added PGMs, all of the main TT tornados are identical. and its a shame, because they each should add something unique to the game. Only the MFG adds something different, in the ASM, but they dont really work currently.

Example? Can you bring 2 tanks or planes with the same name (which are the same) but with different weapons?