Su-25BM 558 ARZ strike jet aircraft

The upgraded version of the iconic Su-25 strike aircraft comes equipped with new engines, digital avionics and advanced fire-and-forget weapons.

Su-25BM 558 ARZ, strike aircraft, USSR, rank VII. Event aircraft.


  • HUD and MFD in the cockpit
  • Fire-and-forget weapons: Kh-29T and KAB-500Kr

In the mid-2010s, the Belarusian 558 Aircraft Repair Plant developed an upgrade program of the Sukhoi Su-25 attack aircraft. The program included upgrading the aircraft for the use of advanced weapons, installing new navigation and targeting systems, as well as a digital HUD in the cockpit. This program was presented to the public at an aircraft exhibition in Minsk in 2017 and interested foreign operators of the Su-25. The plant received an order for the modernization of Bulgarian and Kazakhstani strike aircraft. Also according to some data, aircraft of the Air Force and Air Defence Forces of the Republic of Belarus were also upgraded under the program.

The main aviation prize in the big War Thunder event is the Su-25BM 558 ARZ strike aircraft in service with the air forces of Kazakhstan and Belarus. The new aircraft differs from the basic version having a new power plant, and most importantly, upgraded targeting and navigation electronics, which allows the use of more advanced types of weapons.

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The primary good news for pilots is the digital avionics of the new aircraft. A multifunctional display (MFD) and an HUD indication are now available in the cockpit view. The updated avionics make it possible to use advanced air-to-surface weapons. In addition to the truly diverse arsenal of the basic Su-25, the Su-25BM 558 ARZ offers Kh-29T missiles with a TV guidance system (up to two missiles at a time), as well as KAB-500Kr guided bombs (up to four of them). Both new weapons are of the “fire and forget” type, preventing the target from detecting incoming munition with its radar warning system.

High-torque, maneuverable and fast enough, the Su-25BM with an armored cockpit and protection of vital components has no obvious shortcomings. It is ideal for attacking ground targets, both in the old fashioned way with unguided rockets and bombs, as well as with advanced avionics. Guided missiles R-60M and R-73 give a good chance to defend against enemy aircraft. What you should avoid on the Su-25BM is speeding in a level flight or dive, where a heavy attack aircraft has a chance to lose control and collapse even at speeds of about 1,000 km/h.

The special Su-25BM 558 ARZ will be an excellent alternative to the basic version of the Su-25 if you already have the Frogfoot in your hangar. If not, then the Su-25BM 558 ARZ will be a real discovery for fans of aviation and mixed game modes, especially since getting it in the game won't be so difficult!


Dame it??? R73 finally

Really? another frogfoot? i cant believe you guys…


Oh yeah, R73 is back baby


If the Su-25 chassis/base is being recycled for event vehicles and premiums and variants… why did we only get the BTR-80A? Out of all the BTR possibilities?


Really? more? like still not enough for Russian?


I guess Su-25BM could be 11.7 because carry 2 R-73 and R-73 better Python 3, AIM-9M and PL-8

R-73 it’s dangerous for aircraft 11.0-11.7

Really? Another Su-25? Couldn’t think of anything else to add?

I suppose the soviets haven’t had any new vehicles in a really really long time, a whole 6 weeks in fact.


Yeah, im guessing 11.7 alongside the Gr7

R73 coming to the game soon?

It will be coming with the new Su 25, there’s a datamine on Reddit with the stats. It has also been stated by stona that they will may be coming to other vehicles

I guess gaijin consider R-73 on MiG-29A 9-12A, MiG-29 9-13, Yak-141, Su-25T & Su-39 next major update

But I hope gaijin omitted R-27ER/R-27ER1 from MiG-29A 9-12A (GDR) & MiG-29 9-13 (USSR)

Su-25BM, Su-25T and Su-39 carries 2 R-73 only ?

actualy it was predictable, they make the most money from frogfoot and will make $50 from people that dont wanna grind it

R-73’s? then Tornado ADV should get AIM-120 and would justify its br and poop

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aim-120 is Active-radar missile with very long range and good turn, R-73 is R-60m with boosted range and turn.

What BR? Because if it’s 11.3 the Su-25T offers more features. R-73s will eventually come for the Su-25T as well, so there’s no reason to grind another Su-25. If this was a premium on the other hand.

The Swedish light tank might be more useful since Sweden has none of those at top tier.

Probably coming in september (fingers crossed) though im guessing br increase. 11.7-12.0

R-73 has greater range than a 9L. 40g pull and IRCCM.

They could easily snipe targets at 5 or 6kms reliably.

Right now it will have no access to vikhers, so it switches A2G weaponry for the R73, this seems like a good compromise for me at least it wont over power in every role

The Su-25BM never carried the R-73. They started to carry this missile from the T version.