Su-39, "Khod/Kinzhal" Thermal Imaging/Radar Container

funny that you say that but we do plenty

This is not unqiue to the Su-39, again, I go back to it, because its a good example of this. The 4x different variants of the Tornado IDS have comparible current loadouts, despite having several uniquely different weapon systems. Such MW-1 on the german Torandos and the JP233 on the British tornados ,etc, etc. But at the moment, most/all those unique weapon systems are missing, with the exception of the newly added PGMs, all of the main TT tornados are identical. and its a shame, because they each should add something unique to the game. Only the MFG adds something different, in the ASM, but they dont really work currently.

Example? Can you bring 2 tanks or planes with the same name (which are the same) but with different weapons?

Challenger Mk3 and Challenger DS are identical IRL, but in game one has L26 shells and the other L23A1

I assume that these are still different aircraft - different assembly places, production series.

Again, this has been understood from the beginning. All aircraft weaponry is subject to balance decisions. I’m not sure how much clearer this can be made.

Future additions to its loadouts remain possible, but are not guaranteed. But the aircraft will remain, as intended the Su-39. I understand you wish to see more loadouts for the Su-39 to give it further unique equipment, but there are plans for other variants with other weaponry and capabilities that are also taken into consideration.

Reiterating over and over that the Su-39 is missing some of its possible loadouts is not going to change the facts of the matter. These were intentional balance decisions. Subject to change.


Unfortunately, I do not know about them and I do not see information in Google.

tornado ids assta 1 , tornado ids marineflieger, german mig 21 bis sau got bombs, sweden mig 21 bis doesnt , the russian mig 21 bis has bombs as well, you want me to continue?

Little difference after delivery I believe, but like the current day EF Typhoons, they were all constructed in the same way, in the same location, in a pan-european effort.

The Challenger DS is a Challenger Mk3 that was used in the Gulf War, i.e DS = Desert Storm.

I just would like to know what the developers

  1. understand that the Su-39 is not an export Su-25T
  2. They understand the main differences in modernization in life and the fact that now the Su-39 has a lot of “balance assumptions”, which de facto makes it a copy of the Su-25T.
  3. When the Su-25TM appears in the game (I hope this will be the case), the Su-39 will receive improvements to be the same with it (because it is one plane).

Now it seems to me annoying that the Su-39 was introduced without the introduction of the SU-25TM in the main progression. It would be worth releasing the Su-25TM simultaneously with the right set of weapons and not facing numerous questions:

  1. where is the thermal imager?
  2. where is the radar?
  3. why do we need a Kopye-25 if we don’t have a single missile for it.

Agree, this raises questions from those who bought it.

I appreciate the game for its attention to detail and I don’t want the Su-39 to be left in the dustbin of history as a copy of the Su-25T, although the Su-25TK (real export Su-25T) could serve for this purpose.

Su-39 has the potential to be obtained in the future (of course, with a revision of its BR, if necessary)

Thank you for your time. I hope the developers will be attentive to vehicles with a long history and their authenticity in the game.

The absence of something should be a last resort, if other solutions are not possible.

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What you described is most likely related to the peculiarities of exporting aircraft. Those. the aircraft was sold to the country without a part of the armament.

Something like M1A1-AIM, which does not have uranium core shells.

I’m talking about two identical aircraft in one nation.

I don’t know, maybe DS is an early release. If they are really the same - I think this is a big mistake.

this wont happen, it is a premium , the addition of everything it is supposed to have would push it to rank 8

in development

just funny gimmick feature they gave it to test it out and to show players what is to come for the future

everyone who bought it was aware of what it currently has

not possible because it is a premium, further br increases would push it to rank 8 br which isnt supposed to happen

This is just your opinion. To be honest, I’m tired of you, given that you don’t have this plane, like anything in the USSR as a whole

then the su 39 is and exported version to a country without that part of the armament easy as that

you arent the one able to listen and understand community managers xD

You are an idiot because the Su-39 is a redesignated Su-25TM. Not a single Su-39 was sold. All of them are in Russia.

This may raise him to 11.7, which does not mean that he will become rank 8 at all

So look out for a Su-25TM exported to another country then