Stug III G mg34

The Stug 3 G model should have a roof mounted mg34 or mg42 you can clearly see the mount in game now this wouldn’t be a huge change to the vehicle but would help it destroy some tanks with no armor

:picture of the mg mount in game on the Italian Stug 3 G

Stug 3 G


you can clearly see the mg and surely this wouldn’t be too difficult for Gajin to add it in the next update.

Didn’t later StuG Gs have a coaxial MG in the gun mantlet?

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i think only the 1944 and onward had those

Yes, there is an hatch that allows the crew to mount an MG behind the shield through the hole or used manually as in this photo. Maybe it hasn’t been modelled because the limited traverse angle and because it would lower the “stealth” ability of the low profile. Maybe doesn’t worth it since is not a 12mm

I wouldnt call it manually, as both trough the hole and on the shield are the official mounting points. On top is for Dual Ground and Anti Air shooting, tho with less protection. Tho ideed, with the exception to a Coax or the Rundumfeuer Mg, the shield Mg isnt as usefull, rather it will act as a He catcher and give away your position. Folded down it acts as some more roof armor.

Yes. You can see that on both the StuH 42 & StuG III G:

You mean against ground or aerial:

The rare, early Brummbar model in this game should also receive this MG:

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Add a new stug varient at a slightly higher BR or make it a premium with a fancy paint job ,German fan boys love collecting.

Well, or just folder it.

It doesn’t add all that much to the game and the Jagdpanzer IV is alreaddy at 4.3.
Which reminds me of the sad fact that we still lack the common Jagdpanzer IV variant with 80mm front armor.

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And make it open top? Nuh-uh, one shot by HE? Nuh-uh. I mean, yeah MG’s are very useful, especially until you play something that doesn’t have one.

If you consider the open hatch open top than most tanks with mgs on the roof should be open top. Only tanks like the Hetzer have a remote controlled mg, but tanks like shermans, pz4s etc. need the commander to shoot it with an open command hatch

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just make it a modification.

A picture of the Brummbar’s missing hatch MG:

Using the MG on shermans, etc (especially noticeable on the 15 cm Panzerwerfer) does not transform them into open top vehicles despite the fact that you would have to open roof hatches in order to use said MGs. The early StuG/StuH/Brummbar should be no different…

Gaijin already has done this since the MG shield is incorrectly hinged backward instead of being completely flat in the forward position in this game:

Vote harder so that gaijin adds one in:

Again, vote harder so that gaijin adds one in with a ball mount: