Stuff that could be added to the Swedish and Finnish air trees !Boatload of copy and paste!

These are the various aircraft that gaijin could or should add to the Swedish tree:

  • Finnish Il-28
  • Finnish Mig 21-f13
  • Swedish De Havilland Mosquito Night Fighter
  • Finnish Blenheim BL-129
  • Finnish Mig-15
  • Finnish Do-17
  • Finnish Caudron C.714
  • Finnish Il-4
  • Finnish IVL Haukka
  • Finnish Lagg-3
  • Finnish I-16
  • Finnish VL Tuisku
  • Estonian B.E.2

A lot of these aircraft are captured but yeah, im certain there are a few more but these are the ones i could find.I didn’t include newer and more modern aircraft.