Strv 121B Christian II Unoriginal with high potential

Sweden the tree chosen by those who want original and unique prototypes and service vehicles has been given a copy paste premium however the potential to make this uninteresting vehicle unique while still historically accurate cannot be ignored. The Strv 121B was going to be a stop gap while Sweden modernises its existing tank fleet, meaning the DM 33 would already be in service in the Swedish ground forces by the time of its introduction. i believe giving the Strv 121B the DM 33 and faster turret traverse/elevation (to simulate the better Fire control system) would make this vehicle unique and interesting. It would need to be moved to 10.7 however this is not a bad thing as it would be Sweden’s answer to the T-90A.

So artifical buff over standard 2A4 in terms if faster turret traverse and gun elevation and giving it shell which could very well be given to standard 2A4s because…?

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thats not how that works, fire control system has nothing to do with turret traverse. jesus whats with sweden guys being dump and complaining about a premium they didnt inform themself about? Strv 121B Christian II

“B-but they paid 70€ for it, it should be something special!”