Strv 121B Christian II

I pre-ordered the Christian II hoping to get an “upgraded 2a4” and today I’ve been playing a few games.
First impressions are it’s absolutely awful. At it’s own tier it can hardly penetrate a KVT and when it does it usually takes out one thing at a time, I shot two tanks side on and neither of them died.

For an “upgraded 2a4” the turret traverse speed, armour, engine, and pretty much everything about it is the same as a stock 2a4, the 2a4 pzbtl outclasses this tank in every way. For what reason am I spending more money on this than the much superior pzbtl?

It does not deserve to be at 10.3, and for a Swedish tank it’s thoroughly disappointing.

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A Swedish leopard is worse than a German leopard? That’s cool. I didn’t think I’d live to see this.


Its just the same as the 121 with a camo net? Its fine

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It’s exactly identical in every way to every other 2A4 except for the position of the smoke grenades. Just as the PzBtl 123 is exactly identical in every way except the camo net. Get over it.

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its literally pretty much the same as prem leo 2a4

i dont wanna be “that guy”, but i think you just suck


Really? In what way?


It’s just the first day; everyone sucks at a new vehicle the first day they unlock it

what they are functionally the same

It’s the Strv 121, what did you expect?

only real difference is the smoke launcher i think otherwise its your reskin of a normal leopard 2a4

It’s almost like the money factor is the thing I’m referencing, if I’m paying £70 for a new premium I expect it to be better than a tank worth half of what I paid.

Turret traverse speed, armour, the cannon worse, and the engine is worse

Wrong it has all the same they use the same engine gun & armor its not worse, maybe you have arcade setting on or so


Irl it had some slight improvements like slightly faster turning on the turret but in warthunder its basically a 2a4 with commander thermals, and less smoke. I wish gaijin would make the GALIX smoke launcher armor actually feel somewhat decent by protecting the smokes but it doesn’t. Outside of that its just a 2a4 which is fine at 10.3 decent mobility and gun. Imo better than the m1 but i still think the christian shouldve been the squadron vehicle not the t80.

that’s what I said? it has all the same. when it’s been advertised as “Upgraded” cant you read?

Upgraded is a weird term. IRL its used m/95 apfsds and featured a rear camera and some minor eletronic upgrades to try to bring the 2a4 to the 2a5 standards. Which is why it uses the GALIX smoke system which provides wider cover ranges but less overall smokes. In warthunder those upgrades arent relevant as they dont impact the game at all.

nope you said

Worse = of poorer quality or lower standard; less good or desirable

“The Strv 121B experimental tank was an attempt by the Swedish Army to bring the Strv 121 tank up to the level of the Strv 122. There was only one prototype built that had its own name of Christian II, which received updated electronics and a more modern smoke grenade launcher, but was not accepted into production due to the high cost of the project. In War Thunder, Christian II will receive a unique camouflage, a removable camouflage net and is a premium vehicle, which is going to allow it to earn more Silver Lions and Research Points in battles. Don’t miss out, as this pack comes with unique pre-order bonuses!”

already mentions only the upgraded smoke launcher and electronics there
nothing of ammo or something, otherwise they would make it well known
Or do you see something there along the lines of Access to better rounds ?


I think they avoided adding the m/95 apfsds is because a 2a4 at 11.0 isnt that thrilling to play especially fighting 11.7 vehicles. I think its a decent vehicle as is at its br, OP just has a skill issue or bad luck

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