Struggling With Ground Japan

So lately i’ve been trying to grind on japan and i’ve been having some trouble with it. Can anyone like you know give me advice and help me out a bit, like how to properly use the armor and things like that and is it worth grinding on?

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What vehicles in particular? also phrasing

Japan has some massive br gaps but does have some decent lineups, in general i would advise sticking to the lineups for grinding, research out the majority of a new lineup then play it when you have all the vehicles for it, just playing the vehicles as you unlock them is going to mean that you end up upteiring the vehicles quite often, which isnt going to be fun

Chi-Nu and Ho-Ni 3

Chi-Nu II premium but you have to clutch pretty much every match. Those 2 4.7 Tanks (Chi-Ri?) Work as Backups. The later variant somehow feels more survivable tho.


I’m working on Japan off and on myself. I got the Chi-Nu II from the warbond store a while back. With it and backups from the warbond store I’ve ground out to BR 3.3 so far. If you have the means to pick it up I highly recommend it.

So neither have much armour, most of the japanese mediums struggle in that sense, so brawling is not really an option, especially wit the ho-ni. the gun is ok for 3.3,but i would advise using the armour penertation indicator to have a look for weakspots on the tanks you commonly see, shermans, t34’s etc. when you know where to aim for these vehicles you just need to shoot first, which is difficult in the shermans case because if the short stabiliser. i would recommend playing fairly passively early on, and letting the other team push into you, the reload is not great, but you should generally one shot most vehicles if you have good shot placement. this part of the tree is really rough as there ar eno good lineups. if it is at all possible, i would recommend buying the Chi-Nu2, it is a stellar vehicle and when you get the Chi-to’s you can still run it in a lineup with them. If you cannot, i would try and get the chaffee to run with your lineup, it by itsself is quite a good vehicle and would help the grind. What i would say you should aim for is both the CHi-to’s when you get them you can use them with the chaffee as a scout. I would not bother with either the m19 or M42, they are both quite poor aa

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The 3.3 Chi-Nu is honestly just the worst 3.3 medium tank out of the whole roster of 3.3 mediums, so it is perfectly understandable that someone would struggle with it.

It’s just below average or at best average in nearly every way, and it excels in nothing that is meaningful. There’s two things that it does “well” and those are gun depression (-10º, which is basically the standard for good gun depression") and explosive filler for the APHE round (a good 84.8 grams of TNT equivalent).

Overall the mobility is not great, the armor is completely awful, and the gun is just “meh”, with okay penetration but a slower reload than the Sherman’s 75 mm. I don’t get why it is 3.3 right now.


4.7 should be your goal for smooth sailing, tho you start getting German competency teams.
After that it’s 5.7 if you’re brave, 6.7, 7.3, 8.0 and smoothest after that.

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I’m going to agree with @FlipAllTheTables that Chi-Nu is a bad tank, play this one last. I think that the long-gun is a very good vehicle along with the BR 2.7 spaa truck which is excellent at shooting down planes. Once I got really lucky and I shot down 3-4 enemy planes, then the enemy team had no air force.

I don’t have much to say about Japan even though I have all the Rank III vehicles. Obviously the long-gun is the gift that keeps on giving, and the Na-To is also good for the same reasons. Beyond that, aim for the BR 4.7 because everything does more damage at the higher ranks, even the spaa cannons are rather deadly. Chi Ri II is what you should aim for @Susanjay1970 and you will have to use the Chi Ha LG and Na-To to get there.

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Most of Japanese WW2 tech is overtired or nerfed due to above average skilled players.


Chi-Nu, Na-To and the So-Ki was my go to 3.3 lineup. Na-To has great pen, just weak armor. But most of my time was with the So-Ki with backups. I just ran around the map side shooting everyone with the AP.

After that my 6.3 lineup is the M41, and SPH75, with the Sub-I-II. SPH75 with autoloader can be a beast, and the .50 helps against planes.

7.3 lineup is the HoRo production, with the Type 60 SPG. In a downtier, you can beat on most of the enemies heavies. If uptiered then the Type 60 with it’s dual HEAT is great for destroying heavies including the Maus. Just try and avoid getting machined gunned though as it’s lightly armored.

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Shame the Japanese Heavy Tank No.6 was removed from general purchase and moved to the Marketplace. Otherwise that was and still is my most favourite lineup in the game as it sits in peak “WW2” with access to the last Sherman and Tiger I coupled with some of the best anti-CAS aircraft.

IF it ever came up again (the 6), on top of @_Mr_Fahrenheit’s good advice (I would say the STs are good to try out to get used to the move to later MBTs as very similar), then another great lineup (think my most played pretty much back when I played):

Heavy 6 - Just pure joy (though effectively worse Tiger I in game I had no issues from downtier to up)
M4A3(76) - standard fare; not a Panther but comes with the stabiliser-style gameplay if you wish
M36B2 - Another standard fare with a round to keep relevant to 6.7.
Sub-I-II - I used the M42 as this one didn’t exist, but this option is better - yes, I use SPAA to get INTO a plane using their speed and catching out lights/hitting tanks on the sides.
M24 - Because that is the light tank you get and gives scouting/access to CAP (Close Air Protection) easier.
Which ever planes:

A7M2 - OMG this is pure GFRB anti-CAS HEAVEN!
Ki-84 otsu or (cheaper) ko - Not quite the A7M2 but easier to hit with the 250kg bombs if you need to CAS (60kg direct hits can still work - but I am there for CAP, not CAS)
B7A2 - for CAS an 800kg bomb is neat and those 20mm used to defy most other enemy CAP/CAS considering it is only BR 3.7, since it can catch many enemies off guard with its maneuverability.

(J2M and N1K1s are not quite as useful at low alt I find and prefer those above).

Caveat is since I used that lineup there are some newer vehicles added and probably mechanic tweaks, but with the bonuses from the Heavy 6 and the versatility of the lineup (pretty much something for every situation, I used the 6 at 6.7 as a medium and works fine if anyone thinks Tigers suffer much) you get decent gaming experience (teams vary).

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One of those Examples where Vehicle Exclusivity/Gatekeeping harms the player imho. I know the No.6 is over 100 GJN now, which sucks. I believe that it would benefit Japan Ground a lot. To be honest, whenever I grind Japan Ground, that Heavy Tank Number 6 seems to just mock me. It feels a bit pushy. I would be willing to pay, but a fair and fixed amount, not some unstable and deflated(?) market price.

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It used to be a GE vehicle… they removed it and put it in crates because silly people keep buying them… a player made issue :(

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I might consider buying the Chi-Nu2 like everyone’s suggesting but what about the Chi-Ha Short Gun. I mean it is a 120mm so would it be good in a 3.3 or 4.7 lineup?

Last i checked the French Char 2Bis had a 155mm and overpressured a tiger 2 so would it be a great idea to place a 120mm in a 4.7 or 3.3 battle?

It is only rank 2, the great part of the Chi-Nu2 is that it is rank 3, so you can do dailes and specials in it

it is also relatively cheap for a premium vehicle, i would always recommend waiting for a sale if you are tentative about spending money

I do not have it yet but it is more of a memey skillcannon. Awfully slow turret and Shell.

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