Strela, SU-25 and mixed battles

Hello there. Please, move strela to 11.3 or su-25 to 9.3. Every time, when im trying to play on soviet 10.0, i play mixed battles and dnt have any chance to kill this spaa. From the ground every aircraft looks like big black dot, fire range 4 km (ofc, nothing special), but i should see this in the middle of the forest, city or other covers. Despite this i cant dodge strela missile, because it has optic guidance system and countermeasures CANNOT fight it. Please, FIX THIS!!!


Strela is so OP even the Russians are hating on it now because the Russian 10.0 lineup is so OP that they are just facing each other… Love it.


lmao i cant even… Next levels of russian main


This is a 10/10 thread XD


Best thread the WT forum has ever seen.




Try flying at ground level were 9M37M can’t properly turn without hitting the ground. NATO aircrafts have a easier time dodging the Strela thanks to their army of subsonic strikers with GBUs/AGMs.

Don’t do this, trust me I had the same idea, almost never worked. IR a-a missiles track through objects and trees for whatever reason. Only way to beat strela is to outrange it, 5km+ away or above. If you get very close within min operational range, only then you can dodge them.

Memory tracking + updates each time there is even a small gap. It’s very effective. I can even fire at you even if you went behind cover because the seeker can guess where you are for couple seconds and regain tracking

It’s way more effective than it should be, especially on these 80s missiles.

Well because the missile quite literally knows by code where it’s supposed to go, unlike real life, where it has the “general idea”

It actually requires skill to judge the launch and it has no reason to be less effective. If you judge poorly your missile will hit nothing.

Wrong, the missile just guesses where it should go based on the last flight path - if you maneuver, the missile will still think you’re heading towards the old location and it will miss, just like in real life.

The missiles in game tracks behind cover, like it isn’t there

Most of the time they just update their seeker when they see a gap and if they don’t see a gap they will keep guessing based on last time the seeker saw you.
If there is a bug, it doesn’t happen often (i currently spend time playing stinger spaa). Report it anyway. However to generalize that this is happening all of the time is non sense.

This is to some extend true, but also causes it to crash into obstacles like houses or trees.

That would create deviations, which is does not in game. Furthermore, the strela and other optical seekers shouldn’t be able to track at all if the background is a tree filled forrest (worst case scenario, even little changes to contrast could throw it off)

Except it does, you can check this yourself.

That might be correct but i’m only talking about stingers as they’re behaving correctly for the most part as with most missiles.