Strela OP in Arcade

You do know you have to play tanks to get SP for planes?

Why do you think people play planes? It doesn’t give you tank research, it usually gives less SL and RP than air mode. You know why? Because its a video game. Its fun. Or atleast it would be if gaijin could make a balanced game. but nope, one things more OP than another every time. But you act as if “tHeY cAnT pLaY tAnKs sO tHeY nEeD pLaNeS fOr kiLLs” but that doesn’t mean ANYTHING. Simple kills don’t make you better or worse.

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Yes. The game is fun.
But is it fun to be killed without having any chance to fight back in your own mode against something that came from a different mode? No, it is not fun.

It exactly means what you wrote. CAS players need CAS, because they suck with tanks. Just like you.

Then we need to re-evaluate the entire ground mode, cuz ik you’re mad you died to a A-10 once, but that doesn’t mean you get to have a insta kill uncounterable SPAA either.

Dude learn to read. Why do we “need CAS”? for what purpose? I’ve just described how it doesn’t give meaningful rewards and its simply more fun.

My nukes say otherwise, but oh no we must strive for a bajillion to zero K/D or else you suck.

Assists, zone caps, scouts, teamwork.

Are you actually mentally unwell or something?

jesus christ

comparing a plane in a video game to rape

Dear O_HO,
You seem to have deeply misunderstood my complaint I wished to mark, I have highlighted the fact that Strela most if not always completely removed CAS as an option with how strong it was. I didn’t complain about SPAA’s being OP, I undestand the pain with being killed by CAS. However as I marked with this reply

I said that Strela dominated the SPAA’s I also like to play SPAA but if a strela was asround I could never get any real kills. I am not trying to make any argument about the strength of CAS or SPAA’s, only to bring the attention of the Strela’s ability to steal all air kills almost instantly at spawn

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I know. I just pointed out, that people like to complain when their little CAS gets something that at least has a chance against them.

Because you make the argument, that using CAS is fun. For you, yes. For those you kill, no.

Just like rape. Imagine a rapist in court saying that “but Dear Judge! It was so fun!”

My opinion is that all SPAA’s should be better than they are right now when it comes to their ability to shoot down planes, my issue is purely with the fact that every match has a Strela, and no other SPAA can get air kills. so people that don’t have a Strela stop playing their SPAA and now we only have Strela’s. If you want to play a game, look at the killfeed for downed planes, it’s 90% a Strela. It’s not fun to play with or against

Not to mention the damn thing is un-flareable. Super fast, super quiet, super low viz missile for Russia, fun fact, next major update, we are getting another strela 10-m2 system, on a faster chassis, at an undoubtedly lower BR built on the BRDM-2 chassis. On an unrelated note, I feel like stinger are way too quiet and hard to see as well. Seems like gaijin is giving in to the whining Anti-Mixed Battle people. Tbh, CAS is impossible to play right now anyway.

Then that’s a good thing bro, at least now the air is clear that you can now play ground vehicles without worrying about someone dropping bombs on you and you can focus on your enemy, I mean Strela is pretty boring to play if it wasn’t for the absurd CAS spam who wanna play them anyway

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But at least there is one that can counter CAS somewhat effectively.
All the rest of the BRs have baiscally no ground unit that is effective against CAS.

We can agree on that. Tho sadly it would still not solve the issues with CAS.


Definitely will, as everyone will just give up CAS because it will be unplayable. Besides, gaijin might as well make a game mode specific for anti-CASer’s to not ruin mixed battles for those who actually understand how to counter CAS in mixed battles.

It just went to 10.0 but honestly, fuck CAS.

Since arcade is pure mixed battles, as long as both sides have acess to strellas, it does not matter.

In GRB the strella has short comings such as no thermals and no search radar, could it go to 10.3? Maybe, but not much will change.

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Anyone that has eyes or ears, this is no issue for. Is it a dis-advantage, possibly, but the missile itself is on or above par with others in that area. As for going to 10.3, yeah, it won’t change anything, but it is still undoubtedly the best low (top-teir) tier SAM. If it was to go to 10.3, it would, as an example I know, be with the LVRBV 701, which is not fire and forget, not multiple launch, and not as low profile. _ : ) just food for thought.

The only effective counter is a fighter.

It won’t. There is no guarantee, that there will be an SPAA ready to engage every time.
So CAS will still be able to get ground kills. This is the issue. CAS players need zero skill to use CAS, while you need tons of skill to use tanks.

99% of the tanks that the A4E agm’d to dust or Tzefa D/E launching the missiles from 50km away turning them tanks into atoms have any counter like flares or APS, I mean I wish my T-72 had a modern top-mounted laser turret to intercept AGM or TOW-2 (whatever the f name is that), since CAS can do whatever the hell they want to tanks, why can’t tankers also have an SPAA that can do the same to CAS? at lower br it’s even worse, explain how I can drop my 5000kg bombs like 8 out of 10 times, half the time I score 7 kills and sometimes 10 kills but got booted to the lobby because I also killed at least two enemies in blue lol

Oopps I forgot this is Arcade, sorry bros

I agree, CAS is a “brainless” part of the game, it’s a very relaxing step back from tanks. However, I wouldn’t say tanks require “skill” but more or less a mild strategy and memory of how to deal with your threat.

This (Modern helicopter gameplay) is really just point and click adventure, and so agree with the things against Heli’s cuz they just sit behind a mountain and lob missiles. However, airplanes have the issue of either being too close to enemies, or bad luck. Early planes with no ballistic computer for bombs require a bit of skill to know when to release. Late planes are a bit of PaCA, but less than helis, as you actually have to defend yourself. As for low tiers, that feels like a skill issue, or lack of practice, just practice your gun’s velocity, and target path prediction, it takes time, but is worth it if u regualarly play.