Strela OP in Arcade

The Strela locks faster than any other missile at it’s BR and never misses. All of the ground to air kills I have seen are from a Strela. EVERY match has a strela. How is this balanced?

It was just increased in battle rating from 9.3 to 10.0 in both RB and AB a week ago

i cant wait until it goes up to 11.0

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It’s still better than the XM975 and the FlakRakPz1 in arcade due to the fact that it can instantly lock on and with missiles that never miss and the ability to fire at multiple aircraft within seconds. In Realistic the other manually guided spaa are generally considered better, but in arcade with a big countdown with how many aircraft will spawn, the Strela is still the king, I think the easiest solution is just to make the lock on take more time, similar to the other heat seeking counterparts

The moment you enter into an attacker/bomber,starts ple-flaring like crazy (go into controls and set the key for the Periodic release of CM), unfortunately not all planes have flares (i remember the F-1 and the F-105,but there may be others)

Then,if you are in a plane that has bombs,drop altitude fast and start going level flight close to ground (beware of the sluggish manoeuvrability of the planes with bombs, don’t do that with the F-105) and use the bomb sight to release the bombs onto the Strela/SPAA.

If you are in a plane that has rockets, fortunately they all have CCIP so you have a 3rd person sight when you’re pointing the nose down (don’t need to be at a hard angle,unless you’re in a Su-7).So once you spawn,ple-flare,point your nose onto the target and start spamming the rockets,they’ll either hit the SPAA or act as another layer of “flares” for the missile.

With these tactics,i usually manage to kill the Strela or another annoying SPAA 7 times out ot 10,the chanche is lower if there are more than 1 scattered from the other.

Added bonus: sets your CCIP for the guns, it’s in the multi-function menu (Y,then 3 and then 1 if the plane has it) so you can also strafe them.

P.S.:if helis are present instead of planes, don’t bother.

EDIT:if you get the Nesher (the funny dorito plane) with bombs, don’t go level flight. Firstly because it’s heavy as hell,second because its bomb sight only works when you’re pointing the nose down,so you can’t level bomb. Simply pray The Miracle that you somehow get out safely,since it doesn’t have flares

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OMG, there is a slightly effective thing to counter skycancer!

Just learn to play with tanks or go play Air mode.


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Why exactly?

Womp womp cry more,i literally have Tier VII tanks and have more time inside a tank that into a plane,i simply use planes in GAB when i have the chance to turn the tides of the battles,if you’re angry at a mechanic in a game then go play Assault or Custom Battles

For real,i bet he has like a ton of kills with the Strela and other SPAA and he’s down bad at using MBTs or even planes 💀💀💀💀

Such as using a SPAA effectively?


You are the one who has issues dealing with SPAA while using planes.

But yeah, maybe learn to play with tanks in ground mode!

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Assault you still will get bombed by CAS LUL you should ask them to play in the vehicle test field.

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Remember that CAS mains are allowed to cry because they are the VIP of this game aka first-class citizen, don’t see they yell foul when they drop bombs on tanks or AGM TUTEL that doesn’t have a laser turret to intercept the bombs or missiles, suddenly they want Strela to go up because the can’t stand offering free kills to ground units.


I mean he has the average CAS main attitude, tho he is at least better in game than the average CAS enjoyer. Tho he is still trash, just not as trash.


That’s exactly the type of thing CAS mains keep throwing around lol, just use SPAA bro, what about you jump in a tank and go kill the Strela which is unarmed against ground units? even the M22 can kill it 9/10 it sees it.

The game gives you tools to deal with enemy SPAA, so use it, J out of your jet and spawn a tank to kill those pesky SPAA or go play W̶o̶T̶ air RB


It is also quite funny when they say “go play WoT then”, because that game also has the exact same mechanic, in terms of something, with which you need zero skill to use, and also be basically uncounterable. It is designed to give trash players something even they can use effectively, instead of the game making them learn to play.

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The strela is objectively OP, what am I supposed to do with a flareless 9.0 against 20G IR spam? And it wouldn’t be nearly as bad if there was atleast equivalents, but nooooo. Why does only Russia get to be safe from the air? No one has any sort of counterpart or counter play. But any actual discussion gets diluted by the butthurt CAS complainers like yourself. You suck at positioning and then get super angry over dying a few times. I rarely die to CAS, no matter what country I play or play against.

If CAS players were as stupid as you always preach, why can’t you kill them with worse systems? Stingers would 100% kill them.

What are you supposed to do? Well,just learn to play with tanks! That’s how easy it is! Learn to play with tanks, and play fairly! If you want to play planes, then go play Air mode. It isn’t hard to understand!

So funny when someone with negative K/D tells you that you suck.

Well, i have ~8x the K/D you have, ~1.5x the win rate you have, 3x the average score you have, and 2.4x the average team positin you have.
But sure, i am the one who sucks at positioning.

Because SPAA is not effective against them. Even the Strela is useless against longer range missiles.
CAS is just stronger than anything ground has to offer, and it is a fact.

Now, on CAS players being stupid, i can’t talk about that. They are certainly trash at the game.
Being bad at the game != being stupid.

As of them being trash, here are the last 750 CAS players’ avg K/D ratio:
(btw, yours is 0.45, so you are worse than the average CAS enjoyer. Explains why you need CAS…)

K/D sweat, opinion discarded