Streamer with unusual volume setting... Audio exploit?


I saw a Russian player using a weird sound setup…

He play with:

Volume = 0
Other Player engine Volume = 100

How the hell a player with a win rate of 97% play with no volume? Impossible!

In my opinion he uses a way to suppress all other sounds apart from those of the enemy’s engines. which is a very big advantage.

The player: Twitch
Image :

What are you thinking?



That audio setup just mutes the game entirely. I have no idea why someone would do that.

What I would do to be able to use that. All you would hear is silence as enemy’s don’t make engine noises until your already dead to a guy next to you.

I posted on Reddit and here there is no valid reason for the configuration… so this is cheating? Yet the player plays with headphones… How could I talk about it with an administrator or moderator?

My engine volume: 27. Can´t you read?
Yeah nah mate. Also quick replay of a random VOD clearly hear his tank´s engine.
Case dismissed.
Thread can be locked now.

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You are that streamer?

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He clearly play with a audio exploit.

“My engine volume: 27” yeah the lowest possible and its completly normal, its not the problem.

The problem:

Volume = 0
Other Player engine Volume = 100

How the hell a player with a win rate of 97% play with no volume? Impossible!

If you can hear is engine it doesn’t really make sense if things are set to 0.



Your own screenshot here. Made it more clear for you.

Volume 0 = entire game is muted. He probably had to mute the game for a minute. Go watch any of his videos on random and you will hear his engine normally.

Honestly no idea why do I even waste my time on these halfwit threads. You wanted to feel special, you failed, now you can´t let go. Just stop, or provide a link to the VOD with a timestamp.

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“My Engine Volume : 27” IS NOT THE POINT!!

When he showed this configuration, we could hear the sound normally, explosion, shooting etc.
Also, when you say that he muted his sound “for a minute”, yet he continued to play perfectly for several hours.

How the stream can hear the sound of the game perfectly, but its volume is at 0?

This doesn’t sound like sound manipulation/exploit.

with a win rate of 97% you don’t think this is weird? One of the best player play with no volume lol

I mean even without any of the sound shit. A 97% win rate? Is this for one vehicle or something. And how many games is this.

Provide VOD with a timestamp.

Its a 16v16 game. Individual players have little to no impact on the game. Teamplay is more important. Winrate says nothing about your skill or if you play with unfair advantage, rather if a certain nation dominates or when a certain vehicle has favorable matchmaker / BR.

Not to mention theres thousands of players watching him. Don´t you think he would get mass reported if he was using forbidden modification? jfc…

Last month RB. This is very impressive. My guess is that he plays ranked exclusively with his clan because not even the best player in WT would be able to carry his team 97% of the time. I myself have been a part of a game where I had 23 kills, 3 caps in GRB and we still lost…



I would just like to know what he meant by 97%. Because if that his over all stat he’s either playing Russia 24/7 (which he isn’t I just checked). Or he’s doing something sketchy. There is no way someone can be that good, I’m not saying this because he’s better than me as that’s obvious. But 97%? Really. That’s a tad high. But then again this could be for a tank he’s only got 40 or 50 battles in so I don’t know.

Don’t forget, to report it to a Game Master.

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Provide VOD with a timestamp.

I had saved it in my bookmarks, but it’s been too long and the twitch video is not available. - _ - ’
You can trust me, there is no reason for me to do this in bad faith. I admire very good players(if not cheating) of this game and I have no jealousy.

Not to mention theres thousands of players watching him. Don´t you think he would get mass reported if he was using forbidden modification? jfc…

Not many people might notice… The stream has sound but for him it might be different. It could be well hidden, thats the point.

Even if what you say is true and not you misremembering, sound alone won´t make you win 97% of the time considering majority of engagements happen at range where sound is not that important.

I watched couple of segments of his streams and he plays only with the Olyst clan guy. I can´t wrap my head around how they achieved 97% W/R in just 2 people.

Would be interesting to pull out data from his 10 random games and see what level enemies he is getting on average. If they are all low level, then they are somehow spoofing the matchmaker.

Edit: You know what, I might actually do it. It would at least prove or disprove my SBMM/EOMM suspicion once and for all.

If you find a way to spoof the match maker lmk, I seem to get the sweatiest players known to mankind in my games.

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Yeah same lol. Today was especially horrendous, went from nuke to 0:2 KD to almost nuke the next game to 0:3 KD the game after…

Anyway, checked his last game quickly before I go to sleep and half the enemy team was low levels and the other half 100lvl. So that looked quite average. He is 100% not using ESP. Didn´t check relative position in team. Maybe when I have time tomorrow.