Strange "twitch" in some aircraft

I am having an issue where some planes (p47 d28, f6f hellcat, f8e crusader) have a weird periodic twitch…

It feels a lot like the twitch we used to get sometimes when wheels were deployed.

It’s not my controls, as switching everything out still shows the issue and it only affects some planes.

Also the issue is only in matches, not test flight.

Is anyone else getting anything similar before i do a re install. I’d like to know if it’s just me


The F8U has a flight model that experiences buffet in the high transsonic range. I don’t have the F-8E, but I assume they’re similar. It is the only aircraft that I remember experiencing something like this in. However, some prop aircraft are very twitchy especially under WEP or under certain combinations of control input. I’m pretty sure the F8U and A-7 derivatives have flight models that are deliberately slightly unstable in normal level flight requiring a much higher level of flight input than most other jets.

For test flights, make sure you have it in simulator mode. Otherwise, the Instructor smooths out the flight model.

Yeah had that in the premium Zero on the Japanese tech tree. I thought I was going nuts