Stormer Air defence (Blazer-25/30)

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        Stormer Air defence (Blazer-25/30)

Vehicle design history:

Ever the versatile platform, The Stormer CVR(t) could be configured for various roles and tasks, from dedicated mine layers to armoured ambulances. Most will be familiar with the FV4333 Stormer, and its powerful star streak missiles, but may not be familiar with its more obscure cousin the Blazer-25/30. The Blazer was an attempt to drum up orders for a dedicated Air defence variant of the Stormer, fitted with the General Electric 25 mm/30 mm Modular Weapon System.

This two-man turret system would be equipped with multiple vehicles during the mid-80s, including the M113, M3, v-300 commando, M551 Sheridan and of course the Stormer CVR(t). The main armament of this configuration was a GE 25mm GAU-12/u or 30 mm GAU-13/A cannon, supplemented by a pair of Stinger SAM missiles, along with a 7.62 GPMG and 2 banks of 4 smoke dischargers for local protection. For target acquisition, the Stormer was equipped with an ESD RA-20 S surveillance radar mounted to the rear of the turret, along with a FLIR/laser sighting system mated to a digital fire-control computer. In addition to this, the Stormer variant also possessed the standard hull-mounted smoke discharges as was common with the Alvis proof of concept vehicles of the time, many of which I have already suggested.

This vehicle was demonstrated in the UK on multiple occasions, the first being BAEE 1984, though like many of the Alvis Proof of concepts offered for sale at this time, there was little interest both local and export, resulting in it being like many of the Stormer variants relegated to history as a footnote in this interesting family of vehicles.

Vehicle specification:

Mass 10.216t

Length 5.27 m

Width 2.76 m

Height 2.49 m

Crew 3

Main Armament 1 x 25mm GAU-12/U cannon (250 rounds ready to fire 250 in reserve) or 30mm GAU-13/A cannon (500 rounds ready to fire)

Secondary Armament 1 x 7.62 GPMG
16 x smoke dischargers

Engine Perkins 6-litre, 6-cylinder diesel 250 hp (186 kW)

Power/weight 24.4 hp/tonne

Transmission David Brown T300

Suspension Torsion bar

Operational range 400 miles, 650 km

Maximum speed 50 mph,650 km
80 km/h

Additional historical photos:




(Advertisement for the vehicle)
(Excerpt taken from Janes IDR)


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Judging by the photos the 30mm is 4 barreled and the 25 is 5 barreled… Can we have both and have the 30mm as a modification ungrade XP

@leroyonly the Stormer AD was passed on the old forum, so why is it here to be voted again? Are things passed on the old forum reset?

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Yea, based for example on AJAX that was passed both on new and old forum

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This vehicle would be nice around 9.3 since it also has the Stinger launcher:

Probably 9.7, or 10.0 like the US LAV-AD

Any idea how much pen the 30mm would have?

Identical to A-10.
GAU 13 A is already in game see pen here

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.