Stop with this KA-50

We se every uptade that you guis change up the br off all the helicopters and you continue to keep KA-50 at 11.0. A lot of helicopters are weaker than KA-50 and they are 11.3 at least. I undestand that you whant to sell that Ka-50 but we dont have any helicopter at 11.0 to fight against the russian premium unless you buy the same helicopter. So bring back some heli from 11.3 to 11.0 or put the ka-50 at 11.3. This thing is becoming silly.


Helicopters have not changed BRs in over a year.
Ka-50 did change BRs to 11.0 where it’s balanced. There are some 11.3s superior to Ka-50 as well.
And ALL 11.3s in the game are superior to Ka-50, there are zero 11.3 helicopters in WT that are not superior to the Ka-50.

By all means defend the Ka-50 against my criticism though, it’s your right to.


It will be raised if ground RB BR cap is raised

They just change some br. The AH-60 just went from 11.0 to 11.3. The Cinese heli got the second nerf by upgrading theyr br in September.
The KA-50 is a ka-52 without the thermics so he destroys amost all the hellfire helis at 11.3 whith his Vikhr. The only one that have a chance if get closer is the AH Mk1 Apache from Gran Britain, but he got 11.7 nerf.
So no, only because of thermals is not inferior and is not balanced. He have only problems if he fight against the AA but that is a problem that any heli have. And if a hellfire user have the termals, the trajectori and the missle speed cant compete with a vikhr. And you tell me that every 11.3 is superior to Ka-50? In sqb at 11.3 every top squad bring the Ka-50, so i strongly disagree with you.

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And the AH-60 is a superior aircraft.
Chinese helicopters are also superior to the Ka-50.
Ka-50 also doesn’t have the targeting system of Ka-52.

Thermals indeed makes helicopters vastly more superior, especially helicopters that aren’t firing 8km range TOW-2 AGMs.

Also the most powerful helicopter in the game is the Rooivalk.
And no, top squadrons aren’t bringing the Ka-50 cause it’s good.

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All Apaches went from 11.3 to 11.7 end of last year/beginning of this year. I cant recall. but it was recent

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Those were the radar ones with other advanced features.
The AH-64As are all 11.3/11.0, with the AH-64D still 11.0 despite being superior to Ka-50.

As much as people complain about Ka-50, there are far stronger helicopters skilled players just aren’t using right now.

British Apache is 11.7. despite being inferior to the Ka52


It’s not inferior. You have thermals, radar, AGM-114s, Starstreaks, and a warning suite.

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ok now make sense. If the Rooivalk is the most powerful helicopter for you i undestand. You dont even play helicopters.
And no, the top squadrons are not bringing the ka-50 at 11-3 cuz is good. its just a mascot…


I’ve been playing helicopters since heli PVP was a thing.
Clocked in well over 100 hours of helicopters.
Ka-50 isn’t great. It’s an okay 11.0 that doesn’t hold hands.
A lot of players use it cause there’s a challenge to the helicopter that others don’t have.
Limited firing angles, no thermals…
You’re essentially an AH-1 with a warning suite and 8km range fast TOW-2s, both in warhead explosives and penetration.

It’s a middle of the road 11.0, I know I prefer being in the AH-64D over it, AH-64D is a flat out better helicopter.

I would say Vikhrs are much better than tow 2s than just range.They are around twice as fast as a tow missile and have more explosive mass. Don’t forget they have a proxy fuse meaning they are better at multi role capability.

Also correct me if I am wrong but aren’t saclos missiles only able to be guided one at a time? Laser guided can be multiple at once (which is what Vikhrs are).


Brother i saw your stats. You played the ka-50 79 times in realistic battle. And a lot of Arcade. And is your most used heli. I undestand you dont whant a nerf on your favorite helicopter . Your team dont even do sqb from what i see. So dont defend a helicopter if you dont know what happen at 11.0 in sqb with the Ka-50. That helicopter in sqb at 11.0 have no rivals because everithing was nerfed by putem them at 11.3-11.7. So please stop your nonsense.


Ka-52 has thermals

With the absense of radar guided Hellfires, it is basically useless.

Vikhrs are still superior. As they have longer range, faster traverse speed and prox for anti-air work. Being beam-riding instead of laser guided, they are also a little less affected by smoke.

Kinda irrelevant. Useless vs fast moving targets like jets and only really effective vs helis. But they have a range of only 7km. Vs the Vikhrs 10km, so in a 1v1 dual. the apache has to get much closer before they become effective. Id personally take ATAS over Starstreaks if I could.

Both helis have MAWS and LWR. But the Ka-52 has DIRCM. Which is a massive advantage. Something the Apache does not have.

Overall handling Id also put in favour of the Ka-52 not too mention the Ka-52 is far more tanky and able to shrug off hits the Apache cannot.


Proxy is why Vikhr isn’t a top 5 missile.
Without that proxy it could have a higher penetration.
Vikhrs are not laser, they are beam riding, and thus only one target allowed at once.

AH-DJP and UH-60, my favorite helicopters, are not the topic of this discussion.
The only reason I have 79 realistic battles in the Ka-50 was learning helicopters strengths and weaknesses, and it was the only helicopter I had at the time with a lineup. My AH-64 Peten lacked a lineup [I was ~1 - 5 weeks away from getting its lineup].
I stopped using Ka-50 in ground battles over 2 years ago.

I know you feel the need to defend Ka-50 against reality, but that won’t change reality.

And no, everything wasn’t nerfed to 11.3.
YAH-64 is 11.0, so is AH-64DJP the most powerful of the 11.0s, Mi-28N, Tiger HAD, and of course the Swedish Ka-50: Mi-28A is 10.7 currently, just without the 2 - 4km extra range.

Ka-52 is 11.7.
Vikhrs are a sidegrade at best to AGM-114s if not inferior due to beam riding.

RIght, britain apache should be 11.3, not 11.7


no no no because clearly starstreaks, that very blatantly OP missile, is too good, so Teapaches have to stay at 11.7.


Aside from TY-90s, how are Chinese helicopters “superior” according to you?

Outside Z-10 which has superior AGMs to Vikhr, it is the TY-90s that cause the others’ BRs.
It’s rather annoying cause while SPAA is useless, I have zero reason to grind SPAA when I have the Z-19E…

A slow, although hard hitting missile, yes. Most of the time you’ll probably die before your AKD-10 even hits the target. And that at 11.7.