Stop. Removing. Sniper. Positions. From. Long. Range. Maps

I think the term comes more from games like WoW where there are so-called “tanks” that take a lot of damage so that others can fight unharmed.

Hmm…makes sense

I bet the T-80 players who enjoy city garbage just use 3rd person the whole time holding w.


Confrontation. Both teams have 2 caps and 1 neutral and it’s a tug of war.

The other modes in Enlisted are just awful in comparison.

I find the one with the set the bombs/disarm the bombs reasonably entertaining…

I find the gray zone camping to be insane on those maps! It’s like they took WT design and shrunk all map by 50% but gave 1 team extra space!

There are a multitude of compromises which resolve CQC player’s tastes and sniper’s tastes.

Maps should offer dynamic gameplay that suits multiple approaches. Making a map that is solely CQC or solely sniping is bad. There should be room for flankers to move in and room for snipers to engage long flanks and areas. There are a number of maps ingame which already accomplish this.

Fulda offers you flanks on the sides with CQC gameplay in the middle.

European Province offers flanks on the side with spots of trees and buildings for small CQC engagements while the center is dedicated CQC.

Golden Quarry has a heavy CQC focus but still offers the right flank with hills and areas for longer range sniping while heavily catering to CQC players.

Maginot Line although not a perfect example when it is not in conquest gives players the choice of the wide open hills to the right, the center for mid range engagements, and the city for straight CQC.

CQC and sniping is possible. CQC and sniping is fun.

CQC only is not fun.

Sniping only is not fun.

Good map design supports both and Gaijin has already shown ingame that both is possible.


Yeah that’s the only drawback about it - on the one hand it does stop spawn camping but on the other it’s one of those “get out of jail free” card type deals.

I have no idea what are they doing… In past the gameplay was fun, slower and engaging, you had opportunities to maneuver, flank but nowadays it is just a boring arena - cod like shooter. Today I wanted to play my Japan Type 16 which needs flanking at top tier to be successful… I played carpathians and wanted to flank the enemy but the map is so restricted that you just can not flank anymore, I ended up in open field when following the map border, right infront of camping leo2s, which exactly knew I was coming because there is just no more different ways to move on the map.

The maps are going backwards… We had nearly perfect maps with bad game modes, now we have bad game modes on bad maps…

Some nations are nearly unplayable on these maps… I enjoy challengers but I do not take them in close combat nor cities… just no, T80s can have the city.
And I play most of the nations even at top tier, I do not enjoy the quick, small map arena like shooter in any of them, nor Chally, Abrams, T80s, Typ90s…


Don’t forget large Tunisia. An actually good map that caters to basically everyone.

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Even US suffers to this in some degree. US weakspot is MASSIVE. Abrams are best used in hull down position over a hill peeking up the ridgeline with its good gun depression. Yet getting long range sniping maps that allow this to happen is so rare I have a better chance getting a girlfriend. It’s not even funny anymore.


The result of this daft thinking is Nashorns being forced to brawl with T-34s and IS-2s in dense maze-like urban environments and losing…which is probably the entire point.