Stop HMD from turning off when looking forward!

So, i play a lot of sim in VR. and they have now added to the yak141 that your HMD turns off when looking at the HUD, just like the f16C already had. But this is SO annoying, because the locking ring (like where im looking to lock missles/radar) doesnt show up on HUD. So i now cant lock people with HMD anymore that are in front of me. And because in VR you dont really know exactly what forward is you really need the little ring to use HMD. And i have no clue why they didn’t just add this as an option, because its unrealistic and ruins the sim experience a bit for me, because having the HMD tracking my head is kind of my strong suit with VR. (Oh and my OCD is screaming as the distance form the HUD at which it turns off is longer on the left side then on the right side which annoys me, but thats not the problem)