Stop forcing vehicles to look like garbage

General Vehicle Appearance

There has historically been this notion that Aircraft should appear with scratched paint and Armor with mud and rust. However if you look at vehicles such as P-38, F-2A, M-47, M-60, M -103 for example it’s over the top: They look ready for the scrap yard. Why?

Not just because it isn’t historical (because a Military will severely discipline members for not spot painting and performing maintenance on their vehicle, even in the field) but because this subtracts from the game appeal and fun. Lest we forget how much we grind and grind to finally get our M-60 tank, only when we do it looks like total garbage even at 100%. 😟

Even worse Gaijin won’t let Xbox players download or even BUY skins from the content creators for which Gaijin could reward for sales AND MAKE MONEY SELLING TO XBOX PLAYERS.

This is beyond crazy, why does Gaijin elect to offend, annoy, and disappoint players? And ignore a slam dunk profit opportunity as well, to accomplish exactly what?

Let all the vehicles look factory new, allow THE PLAYERS decide how worn their vehicle should look and open up a partnership to sell skin content on Xbox live marketplace. Stop forcing on us how you think our vehicle, that we earned, should look. 👍

World of Tanks M60 Ready for battle “I want to play this it looks cool.”
M60: обзор американского среднего танка WOT

Warthunder M60 Ready for the Junkyard “I want my money back.”
GarageImage M60.jpg

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To be fair, the M60 is mostly a range target for 8.3 and 8.7 AFVs with actual FCS upgrades.


So I’m missing with what that has to do with how it looks ?

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Range targets sit outside for years without maintenance and look like it.


Exactly ! Thanks you are so right, it does look like a scrapped-out range target ready for the junkyard.

That’s the point

I love scratched WT models, WoT tanks looks like brand new plastic toys for me.


No need to be contrarian. The 100% camoflauge condition should actually make the vehicle look close to being new - and you can still get more weathered vehicles if you like.


That is an xbox problem. You think gaijin wouldnt sell xbox players stuff if they could. They would love to sell yall stuff but console companies wont allow it.

As for the general post/idea, I dont have an issue with it. I assume it hasnt been done because it was not something that people demanded.

Make a poll with the idea, NOT the rant, and see how it goes. Take the poll and make a post in suggestions. I think they would acknowledge it as it isnt something that would mess with game balance or require much coding.

Gaijin would like nothing more than to include everyone… but as its been mentioned certain things are out of Gaijins control unfortunately… maybe best to contact respective console companies

And I will remind certain person(s) to keep things Civilized Please… members are welcome to criticize / offer feedback and are entitled to their opinions, as long as its civilized/constructive… if you wish to dispute said opinions, then again, keep it constructive and civilized! Thanks!


I think it’s fine for the most part. But the “camouflage condition” slider not being able to actually go all the way up to sorta “brand new” is pretty annoying. Seems like a super simple change that a lot of people would like.


Excuse me rant? It’s a passionate constructive suggestion, by someone who loves the game. One purpose of these forums is to generate debate that may be referenced in a poll. Now, in your being a Snail apologist regarding the great Satan (Microsoft), that indeed could be true (and I’m a huge Snail fan). However, the rest of your response simply comes off to me as just nasty and condescending without making any cogent constructive point.

All vehicles mentioned who you say look poor are old models, hence why they likely don’t look good to you.

Personally I like the rough and dirty textures in them.

You cant be serious, right? I agreed with your idea and told you how you could get it passed to the devs. As for the console stuff, when gaijin first moved into the console space, they informed us that they would not be able to have the market due to sony/microsoft not allowing it. If that ever gets reversed, the market would be pushed to console faster than light. They want those sales.

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uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, tanks in WoT LOOKS like plastic toy tanks.
tanks in real life are full of scratches, scrub paint.


True. There is usermade skin in game for GJN without scratches and it looks like clay model.


Get Premium and you can make the paint 100% should you wish.

I feel like the beat up tank has the advantage of blending in better. It could probably pass as a destroyed tank or part of the map.

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Black it up with decals ,will look even more destroyed


Vehicles not looking fresh out of the factory is more authentic, in my honest and frank opinion.
Additionally, it assists with blending in to the environment as much as possible.

Having a factory fresh paintjob or generally loud camo sticks out like a sore thumb. Trust me, I know from experiencing in terms of spotting and shooting first at bright vehicles and being spotted and shot at first while in one.