Stop "fixing" things that arent broken! This patch is TRASH

what in the living **** is up the recent patch? Planes dont handle the same, weapons arent registering the same, etc. So since you decided to completely change the game than the one i have dumped money into, I can get a full refund right?
Im trying to figure out the thought process on this one
“You know what guys, it seems we have a great game that everyone loves. Lets **** it all up for absolutely no reason what so ever!”
And everyone got a raise.

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Another satisfied customer…

But I have to agree, whatever they did to the graphics last nite looks like shit.

Planes dont handle the same

Which planes?

weapons arent registering the same


I can get a full refund right?

Do a chargeback so that no one has to suffer being on your team.

Arcade Battle

Got it…

Replay system has been improved so much that it’s best in the genre.
Planes are the same though.
Weapons functioning in-match is reliant on server stability though.

Graphics haven’t changed at all.
Newer drivers cause issues.

Is this you thinking you’re better than him because he plays arcade?

Is this you thinking you’re better than him because he plays arcade?

Strawman argument.

I found complaining about arcade FM humorous.

yeah thats not at all what he was complaining about

I think what has happened is that the game has by default put you in arcade. The dev server defaults to arcade. In arcade planes perform entirely differently.

Other than that, I have no clue what you’re talking about. Everything performs the same.

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Second sentence, topic tag.

You really can’t put it together yourself can you?

Like how OP can’t put together a constructive argument.

this is so ironic it hurts

First few matches, I was seeing planes doing these weird cartwheels while falling from the sky, and i thought to myself ‘wtf’ shrugged it off. Then the next round I got the same treatment. Before, if a few bullets hit one of my wings, I could still turn, but very much labored. I like that. Now? A bullet looks at your wing and now your plane is completely unflyable. I could understand if this was for realistic battles, but Im playing arcade for a reason. Maybe its a quiet nerf to just German planes, which is why i quit playing this game for years, always anti German bias in games. For example, I decided to try out tank arcade battles again. First round was fine, the second round I was in a Jagdpanther and took a hit to my thick front slopped front armor. One shot and I was dead. Uninstall.

Y’all can’t stop being conspiracy theorists for even 2 seconds.

What shot you?

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