Stop crew lock

I play match for 8-9 minute
I die
I look at my team and there are maybe 4 people left on my team, no caps, no kills. Almost everyone die one time then leave.
Why would I sapwn again? Just to lose SL.
So I stop and then my crew is locks.

Please make crew lock timer more like 4 minutes.


How bout no. keep respawning till the game is over, you are a liability to the team. the reason you look and see 4 people left on your team is because they all have the same mentaility as you


This makes no sense.
Why would I spawn again when it is sure thing to just die and lose?
How will my action of spawn again make these people magically re-appear and join game again? Or change the mentality of these people.
It won’t
You need logic my friend.


Don’t leave before the timer, simple.

If you leave, you become one of them.

There are impatient and weak players but you don’t have to be one right?

I totally understand the situation but either deal with the consequence for leaving early or just stay longer.

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Mixed feelings TBH, I quit a lot of games but I’m more likely than others to fight to the end.

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I understand, it’s frustrating.
But it’s to combat players who don’t play the game and leave too quickly.
I invite you to multiply your nations, so that you can go back into battle with another nation, so that you can go back into battle without delay.

Note that when you’re in a situation where you feel it’s unreasonable to respawn, you can remain a spectator and watch your comrades being demolished.


Or pop a plane, land, check you ate up all you SP (Spawn Points), j-out after repair/reload = no crew lock and no repair cost on the plane.

Or use said plane to eat up all the CAS that might be locked onto the only place with their enemy/knock out a few over zealous tanks.


This is often what most players do. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help the players in the field to keep the capture zones (but it does help a little more than if you had deserted…). 😁

Though to be fair the position mentioned in the discussion is your side have been rolled to spawns/spawn. And getting used to all tools to stop enemy having free reign is in theory good for the health of the game.

Thing is players don’t land and J they smack face first into the enemy or the ground - so now more tickets lost; very frustrating when you can see all is not lost.

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Of course !


Imagine if every player say this.

You need logic my friend

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He did apply logic especially when he said he died 8-9 mins into match. If enemy has pushed his spawn, has double the vehicle his team has it’s not logical to spawn again just to give opponent free SP.


They do not. That is the point.

Thats why I wrote imagine.

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I dont know what games you play but I cant even remember when was the last time I got crew lock.

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I imagine uninstall game forever. It does not happen.

Because you just want attention.