Stock R-73 and AIM-9L instead of 9M

The MiG-29SMT and Su-27 both get R-73s stock, but the F-16C and F-15 both only get AIM-9Ls stock, instead of AIM-9Ms. And the Su-27 gets the ability to take 6 R-73s as a tier I mod, but the AIM-9M is a tier IV mod for both F-16 and F-15

It’s to make the stock grind as aids as possible. The mig-29 9.13 had stock NORMAL R-60s

dont they get 2 R-60Ms though

I don’t know if they changed it now, but on release it was normal r60, to add insult to injury on top of the aircraft being completely broken at the time (still is for the most part)

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Two R-60Ms stock but you had (and have) to research normal R-60s before you can get R-60Ms