Stock Grinding Air RB

Morning All,

How are you all stock grinding at 13.0? I finally decided last night to spade the Mirage 2000 - 5F,
And its been, not fun at all. I thought of putting a talisman on it however you need to be able to do something in order to get the benefit of it.

I am not a new player and I would consider myself an above average player overall . I’d just like some input from you all on how to go about stock grinding in the fox 3 era while maintaining our sanity?!


Shoot pillboxes.

Also make use of mechanics:

I just take a warm bath with foam, and then grind in PvP. Now, in the era of Fox 3, it should be more difficult, so I have no idea how it will be painful to grind from the stock AV-8 and F-15C.

The SU27SM was quite painful in a world of F16’s.
The tactic i used was quite rattish : I flanked hard to the side of the map, taking around 30-40 minutes worth of fuel . I hoped i didnt get pinged and then waited for those who spammed all their ARHs to come rearm at the closer airfield, where i R73’ed them as they landed.


Thanks yeah, I think this is probably a good idea! So basically hang around the first airfield that’s undefended?

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I’m aware of the mechanics, I just find I’m defending so much by the time I get back to the fight the team is gone… I mean starting with 2 Fox 2s are rough lol.

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Above mentioned tactics, flank hardcore, try to sty off enemies radar, pick off AI jets if you ever get close to them, and snatch a kill or two with IR missiles if you get on someone’s 6.

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Its more about catching those who spam their ARHs and then turn to rearm . If no one shows up at the airfield , simply come at the furball from their side of the map, maybe youll get a few Magics off before you die, thats what i did.

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