Stock grind for top tier is completely unplayable

The stock grind for the new jets is the most miserable experience I’ve had in the game; only having IR missiles puts you at the mercy of all of the fox 3 or even fox 1 equipped aircraft with no way to respond so that achieving anything other than dying is only possible with huge amounts of luck, combine this with the huge RP requirements to even reach your own fox 3 missiles yet alone spade the new jets just makes the experience incredibly frustrating and kills any enthusiasm to play even play top tier at all let alone try and get another one of the new jets. Major changes have to be made to the modification system as at the moment to even be effective at top tier requires countless matches of painful grinding


This is War Thunder’s business model. Pay or suffer.

The longer a player sticks around, the more they are willing to invest in a game. In time and money. But not in the capacity to suffer.

And that leads to people spending money on high-tier jets and tanks to reduce the suffering.

Well no, I agree with your point to a certain extent. Ground RB doesn’t face this issue, at least not at the same level of pain and suffering. They can make the stock grind experience not horrible by allowing the stock plane to carry at least 2 FOX 3s.

The problem is the power creep from these weapons; it also costs about 3-4k GE to buy the Fox 3s.

High-tier tanks don’t have this issue really, it’s more of a skill issue anyway. If you get hit in an mbt, most likely you are dead anyway without all your mods researched or with.

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