Stingers kinda OP?

Did IR missiles become that good after nerf to the SAMs?
I feel like flairs dont matter at all against Stingers even at longer ranges and engine off xD

First time I’ve heard someone calling stingers OP, lol.

Flares are not supposed to work against it, majority of time. It’s a last resort type of thing.


stingers are not that hard to dodge + alot of time you can just tank them


Like have you tried using any of the stingers, they are useless against helis greater then 1.5-2km away, if enemy flares and hard bank/dives they will miss. and god forbid an su25/ka50/52 will eat them like its nothing

Tbh stingers always onetap me, so I dont know. Yes they are useless against helis.
And I by saying “OP” I mean that stingers are better than Rolands so it feels like a downgrade going for higher br AA’s

If you wiggle while a stinger is chasing you, the stinger will instantly lose 100 IQ and just miss

Considering I just had a match where an Mi-28 (Swedish premium one) tanked 5 stingers, no, they are not OP.


No they are the worst Missile ever after the aim9b

Basically ground launched long Range aim9b with longer range and iccm
way less payload sometimes Without proxy fuse
Aim9d with the Stinger seeker would be way better

Makes me think couldn’t they just do the KSP approach and add a Starter/booster stage to a aim9 and use that has air defence? Atleast for vehicle based options ofc

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They are hilariously easy to dodge. They’re effectively just all aspect AIM-9Bs, and are even weaker due to the fact they have to accelerate from 0. Something as simple as a barrel roll will throw them off.

I had an encouter recently against an Ozelot in my Saber. It took me a while to strafe him out due to his small size and excellent use of cover, but during that time he fired literally every single missile he had at me, and every single one missed. I barely had to dodge most of them. And that’s the best Stinger in game at the moment.

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