"Stealth" torpedoes and one-sided matches make playing Naval Arcade pointless

I just spent 2 hours playing total and utter suck matches with one side being very good and our side being total derps. No, this is NOT an accident. These matches are made on purpose by this sickly designed match maker. Yes, it’s not an accident, as it is cyclical. You can spend hours, sometimes days without having a properly made match with equal teams. On top of it, your shells do little damage and it takes forever to kill something. This almost looks like the game is nerfing certain players on purpose. For some sick reason you are supposed to spend some specific number of time in a “purgatory” where the game is screwing with you. On top of it, now even enemy torpedoes do not show up and I get no warning, just explode… puzzled wth just happened to me, as nobody was shooting at me. I had to watch a replay to find out why I died.

These pathetic matches happen to me every couple of days and then I can have every couple of weeks that the suck continues for days. Zero enjoyment and a total waste of my time. I have played enough matches to know when the game is screwing with me. Don’t even get me started on these constant uptiers. My 5.0 destroyer gets constantly uptiered to 5.7 and 6.0, even the circle of death very often. What am I supposed to do with my torpedoes that have a 9 km range??? The rare full downtiers that I get are rather strange as well. For some mysterious reason it takes a very long time to kill lower BR ships, meanwhile my ammo rack explodes from some of them after one salvo. There are so many of these matches that are complete steamroll losses and I get very little (1-2-3) kills. I can see the difference in these matches that the game is screwing with me (either buffs the enemy or nerfs me on the fly). Then after a while I can have some more normal matches where I have a chance to get 9+ kills for a while… and then it’s going back to the suck.

The way I see it, I’m not fighting the enemy team, I’m fighting this stupid game and this stupid match maker where you get punished for getting couple of kills.

I already know that nothing will be remedied about this in the new update. Same ol’ suck.

Are you seriously complaining about not always getting 9+ kills in every match?

I often come 1st in 6.0 matches with my 5.0 DD’s… so I guess the problems really is just you.

you will have to excuse joe
he is just like that
he rarely misses an opportunity to tell everyone how fantastic he is playing wt with prems

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Yeah, everyone know him lol.
I have a day off today, so spent last couple of hours playing Naval. It’s official, all my games are 0.7-1.0. This game is getting so perverse that now it sneaks top BR players at the last moment, so you think you have +0.7 uptier, but instead have a +1.0. Last match my 5.7 cruisier was smashed into pieces by USS Arizona… 6.7 BR. I started the game and it was mostly 6.0, some 5.7 and 6.3 AND half of the bots. The map being Coral Islands, everyone was in one place stacked up like sardines. No way to turn, except forward/back. It’s a decent map, but the spawn sucks a big one (thanks clueless gaijin). After a minute or two I notice “Battleship” what gives? Checked the stats and voila… 6.7. Just with one salvo from Arizona I lost more than 40% of the crew. Cannot go forward, so started slowly going in reverse, but got pulverized with a second salvo like a sitting duck.
I’m done with 1.0 BR uptiers. It’s a total waste of my time. Funny thing is I have a bunch of small boosters from the recent lottery sham and these boosters expire tonight. Basically wasting my boosters on all these fiasco +0.7-1.0 BR uptiers with zero fair matches. What a joke this game has become.

i had noticed the last second addition of +1 br’s some time ago … you just confirm it is for others as well

i dont bother playing much over br3.7 … it is still not worth it
and i prefer the speed of action that boats give those i mostly play <=br2

it is so sad… they have the basics of a really good naval game but laziness and lack of ability along with a testing system that either isnt used or isnt well thought out makes it second rate at best

when they do change things they more often than not make thing worse or add things no one asked for and also make things worse

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Oh yeah.

Didums - is your feelings hurt because it applies to you too??

When was the last time I did so?

I’ll make it easy for you to find it…

voluntarily finding and reading joes posts
there’s an invite easy to pass on

would you be happy if i realised it’s not
" never misses "
it should be
" rarely misses "

May I ask what ships and shells you’re bringing?

Also, I know that in Naval RB you can see the ships launch the torpedo, without it ever being spotted by your crew, I believe it is the same in Naval AB. But as for general advice on it try not to tunnel-vision on one target, and try to be aware of your surroundings, just as if you were playing ground or air battles.

Yes it is the same in AB - you can see torpedoes launching if you are looking at the ship when they do.

And of course torpedo spotting has never been 100% in the first place - although often you can see the traces on the surface at relatively long distances.

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As far as arcade blue water and coastal goes, I assumed it was a crew skill determining how soon you would be able to spot a torpedo. Not all my naval crews are maxed out or even have training in torp spotting. I never relied on icons for torpedo warnings.

I can confirm you can visually see torps launched from coastal and blue water ships. I can see them approaching many km away by zooming in on the water. I can see the bubbles/trail. I can also see my own torps kms away heading to their targets. The icon doesn’t show, but the under water trail does.


Yes - but it maxes out at 0.10 km… 100 meters…

The problem is, there are certain matches that one side either seems to be buffed or nerfed with gaijin’s magic wand. I can have matches that I can make many kills and then 0-2 in another match with a similar BR spread. I often use 5.0 destroyers to do the daily tasks, so use SAP or common, as HE got nerfed against larger ships.
I’ve done my share of kills and time in Naval, so I can easily spot the times where the match is out of whack.

As for the torpedoes. I can spot them from miles and miles away from my plane, but any ship or torpedo boat has the maximum spotting distance of 0.1 km. Yes, historically accurate with gaijin’s sekrit documents lmao. Never mind that a torpedo boat spotter is close to the water while a spotter in a cruiser can be something like 5+ stories up above water. Noo, the height of the ship does not decide the spotting distance… what a farce.
Yes, I can see the torpedo trails and I’m always on the lookout for them, but the problem is (and it’s persistent for quite a while) that you get hit by invisible torpedoes. You just explode out of a sudden. The only way to verify is to go to the replay where the torpedoes are “magically” clearly visible then. No trails, no markers and no warning. That’s the problem.

Naval RB tends to be played at closer distance with the enemy as the entire team does not see you from 12+ km away. You save your torpedoes, as they are one time use only. In AB, you can reload the torpedoes, so you release them at every occasion you get. You try to pick a closer target, so it’s easier to hit, but they can still be 7 km away. There is no point spotting when the enemy releases the torpedoes, as it takes multiple minutes to get to you. You just try to stay out of the torpedo alleys and try to stay away from open water.