Stealth nerfs to ground targets in Air RB

I noticed that in a lot of high tier maps pillboxes were replaced with howitzers, that give significantly lower rewards, base respawn timers were increased again making base bombing impossible for slower aircraft (the F-4S/Kfir horde gets everything first), and in City on top of removing the airspawn, light convoys were also removed in favor of the standard units present in every other map. This seems like an unannounced nerf to RP/SL gain.

These changes were unnecessary, all they do is increase the grind and make daily tasks such as Meteor Shower, Mass Destruction and Big Game far slower and less profitable. City was the only air map that had something different going for it, you could airspawn with a slow strike aircraft, rush the convoys and make some good rewards before engaging with enemy players, now that possibility is gone.

We should be pushing for some variety in air maps and more non-player targets for every aircraft, air modes have grown stale over the years with almost no changes, map/unity variety should be increasing, not decreasing.


  • Revert City to the previous structure, airspawn + old convoys, maybe just replace the actual units with newer units if that’s the reason for the change, but keep their quantity and class (lightly armored targets such as trucks and open top vehicles).

  • On coastal maps, add back ships and carriers (they existed before but were also removed in favor of boring standardization). Add a Carrier Strike Group for each team on every costal air map, that gives an alternative airstrip for naval aircraft to land and more surface targets for strike aircraft to hit.

  • Revert the base respawn timer nerf, or better yet, double the number of bases. A large portion of all air maps is not utilized, that could be filled with bases, convoys and many other objectives.


They aren’t going to do that because Gaijin hates modifying the game in ways that make it more fun and playable.


For my part, I will also add that even the AI planes have been changed. Now they respawn later. It used to be that you could at least destroy these bots with a stock plane and score points before someone shot you down.


For me that’s a good change because they used to get in the way when using radar. TWS loves tracking AI instead of the real players behind them.

Hot take…

Studebaker trucks have no place in higher tiers. Same with the Armored cars. They belong in a museum. They felt out of place to be honest.

It’s too bad about the pillboxes though… But yet the change isn’t on every match just a few from what I’ve noticed…

They were good RP but people would avoid them because you can kill other targets easier. Why waste precious ammunition on pillboxes when you could hit artillery or open top BTRs…

Base respawn time changes definitely suck… Getting teamkilled quite a bit more as it’s an all out race to them. I’ve circled the outskirts a couple times waiting for one to respawn but the match was over before they appeared again… Forcing us to use fast bombers or end up killing each other over who gets what base.

Probably done to give fighters something to do in the last part of games besides of complain about the bombers and A/F campers. Even at higher tiers the cannons have a hard time pening the bunkers, so the map is dotted with targets that can’t be destroyed.

Guess what usually drove on the Hồ Chí Minh Trail?, besides lots of bicycles. Hey! There is something to add to the game!

You’re right. For top BR it’s a good change, for lower BR it isn’t.