State of gameplay at top tier

I hope this is seen by someone on the dev team. The gameplay at top tier air is absolutely not fun at all. Sim and realistic both deal with people shooting missiles AFTER they are dead. Which should never be possible. The missile spam is ruining the gameplay. And the fact all u have to do it hug the deck to avoid any radar missiles for phoenixs is also a trash feature. Yet here we are on the brink of a new kind of missile. These have been issues for years and never been fixed. Maybe we could get a dev team that wants to work on the game and fix the game breaking features mainly shooting missiles after ur already dead and hugging the deck to avoid literally any missile other than FOX 2 missiles… instead of having a dev team that just releases content after content maybe fix the game and make it where we can enjoy it. Give us a game we deserved for dealing with the trash we deal with now for so long. I’ve spent over 3000 dollars to try and support the game and so far I’ve seen nothing come of it except more things that break the game. We have planes at BRs that they are way too strong for. Other planes at BRs that are way too high. planes missing missiles they got IRL. The servers STILL lag like crazy frequently. The game is border line torture to play. If ur going for ruining the fun in it then ur doing a great job.

I just can’t believe they selectively added spall liners to a couple vehicles while leaving just as many vehicles CONFIRMED to have spall liners completely barren of them.

What is search bar.

As well as cockpit being open in jets is an absolutely stupid feature

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Im going to assume that you are talking about “severely damaged” and “dead” planes in which the pilot is still alive and able to control the weapons systems, but the airframe is damaged beyond it’s flying capability. They have designed the game in a way, that similar to real life, that a pilot hlhas full controls over the weapons systems until the plane crashes, or the pilot is killed. If you kill an enemy pilot, then nothing can be done after a "death, but Gaijin has given their statement on the fight through it mechanic.

if you’re not having fun in top tier air rb, you probably just need to learn how to play

Irl ur don’t have control over any systems when ur plane is felling from the sky on fire. All of ur electronics are fried from the fire and missiles impact if u have proof u can do that while trying to eject and all the other stuff u would have to do while spinning out of control with a steady 6g on u and figure out how to fire a missile IRL please send

doing more trolling i see

Excuse me?

You do have control of those systems unless that system is damaged. That would be the mechanical/elecontric linkage for dropping bombs, and the activation/launch systems of a missile. Warthunder doesn’t allow you to use weapons that have been damaged. There are accounts of pilots in WW2 flying through flak with heavily damaged planes in order to drop their bombs and torpedos on their targets.

In terms of modern aircraft, if you were in a flatspin because of a wing loss or something, you would more than likely eject immediately. That does not mean that the weapon systems are not operational, or that it is impossible for a human to still operate them. It is highly improbable and exceedingly difficult, but not at all impossible.

This game is by no means the same as real life. This is shown the the hordes of vehicles, where you the pilot, would NEVER have primary control over the weapons systems anyway. So for some vehicles you wouldn’t be able to do anything but fly them.

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